Wharfedale Pro

    Wharfedale Pro was established in 1932 in the UK and has been known as a company that is experts in the manufacturing of innovative and high-performance audio products. The company has a rich portfolio of loudspeakers accompanied by a wide selection of amplifiers, effects modes, and mixing desks. Some of their significant creations are the Titan Active, WLA and EVP-X series that have been globally recognized and used in many applications, from smaller venues, bands and mobile DJ setups to professional installations such as in worship centers, concert stadiums, performing theatres, and super-clubs. Get a Wharfedale Pro audio products at the best prices offered on MusicMajlis. Products offered:

    • Full Range Speakers
    • Line Array Systems
    • Compact Wall Speakers
    • Column Speakers
    • Portable PA Systems
    • Stage Monitors
    • Subwoofers
    • Commercial Amplifiers
    • Power Amplifiers
    • Power Mixers
    • Wired Microphones
    • Analog Mixers
    • Crossovers
    • Equalizers
    • Speaker Selectors
    • Wall Mount Brackets

    Wharfedale Pro

    Wharfedale DM-57 All-round versatile Dynamic Mic

    Dhs. 116.03

    Wharfedale Pro Titan 12D Active Speaker

    Dhs. 787.50

    Wharfedale PSX115 450W 15" Active PA Speaker

    Dhs. 687.22

    Wharfedale DELTA 218B Passive Subwoofer

    Dhs. 1,963.50

    Wharfedale PSX112 350w plastic body 12" Active PA Speaker

    Dhs. 606.90

    Wharfedale TITAN12P Passive Speaker 1x12" 250W RMS

    Dhs. 519.75

    Wharfedale Pro Titan 15D Active Speaker

    Dhs. 1,018.50

    Wharfedale Typhon-AX12 Bluetooth Active Speaker

    Dhs. 1,249.50

    Wharfedale Pro Impact 215 Dual 15'' Passive PA Speaker

    Dhs. 724.50
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