Keyboard Amplifier

As the name suggests, Keyboard Amplifiers (or Drum Amplifiers) are purpose built to amplify Electronic Keyboards (including Arranger Workstations and Synthesizers) and Drums (both electronic drums and acoustic drums). This is made possible by containing a high-quality loudspeaker inside a wooden cabinet (of varying sizes) which amplifies the output sound as required. Since both keyboards and drums require accurate recreation and amplification of sound, Keyboard Amplifiers have very low distortion (in direct contrast to Guitar amps). Many keyboard amps feature mixers to support multiple inputs. Moreover, since Keyboard Amps need to recreate multiple frequency ranges and have a clean, flat sound, keyboard amps don’t bode well with guitars. Another noteworthy feature of Keyboard Amps is the combination speakers (in select models) that act as a stereo pair. Unlike in a Guitar, this helps add versatility to a performing keyboardist. This setup is then controlled by a  built-in mixer for simplicity. There are also portable options for a travelling artist. These amps also tend to have an output to connect to a larger PA System when the need arises.


Can I use a keyboard amp with a guitar?
Yes, technically, you can. However, doing so is strongly not recommended because a guitar requires some level of overdrive to sound soulful. A keyboard amplifier is designed to produce a clean, amplified sound at a much more diverse frequency range. 


Do Bass Amplifiers work with a keyboard?
Yes, because of the low-frequency response of bass guitars, bass amps work well with a keyboard. However, when the keyboard is used to produce music above the specified frequency range, there will be a significant drop in the compatibility. Drum Amps work well as a Keyboard Amp.


Can I connect my electronic drums to a Keyboard Amplifier?
Yes, Keyboard Amplifiers support Electronic Drums. 


Can I connect a keyboard to a Guitar Amplifier?
Technically, yes. However, we do not recommend this connection because Guitar Amps have a significantly distorted sound that is suited to a guitar. Moreover, a guitar amplifier cannot support the diverse frequency range produced by an electronic keyboard. 


What is the price range of Keyboard / Drum Amplifiers?
A Keyboard / Drum Amplifier starts from AED 800 and can go upto AED 5,500 in the larger models.