An electronic device for increasing the amplitude of electrical signals, used chiefly in sound reproduction. a device consisting of an amplifier combined with a loudspeaker and used to increase the volume of the sound produced by the keyboard or electronic drum kits.

Keyboard/Drum Amps

Tovaste EDM10 Drum Monitor

Dhs. 756.00

Laney AH80 Audiohub Amplifier

Dhs. 892.50

Laney DH80 Portable Drum Monitor

Dhs. 766.50

Korg Sonicbar Stereo Keyboard Amplifier and Monitor Speaker

Dhs. 2,158.00

Behringer Behritone K900FX Keyboard Amplifier/PA System 2

Dhs. 913.50

Behringer Behritone K900FX Keyboard Amplifier/PA System

Dhs. 1,218.00

Behringer KXD12 Ultratone Keyboard Amplifier

Dhs. 1,171.80Dhs. 1,953.00

Roland KC-200: Keyboard Amplifier

Dhs. 2,160.00

Roland KC-600: Keyboard Amplifier

Dhs. 3,250.00
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