DJ Monitors

DJ Monitors are a set of performer-facing loudspeakers on stage during live music / DJ performances during which a PA system is used to amplify the performers' music to the audience. Monitors are necessary for a DJ performer in order for them to listen to exactly what they are sending to the audience from their software, media player, mixer, or controller, before or during the time they will be sending it. DJ Monitors are specifically designed to suit the frequency range of the kind of music that will be played, typically with punchier bass. MusicMajlis offers products from brands like Denon, Hercules, and Pioneer that will suit all your DJ monitoring needs perfectly.


Are DJ monitors different from studio monitors?
Much like the difference between Dj headphones and Studio headphones, DJ monitors are built with DJs and electronic music in mind. They have a larger emphasis on the low end in its frequency response. Whereas Studio headphones are built to be used on any genre of music by attempting to deliver a frequency response that is as natural and transparent as possible.


What events/settings are DJ monitors recommended for?
DJ monitors are built with production and practice in mind but can be used for small scale gigs depending on their power output and size. For larger gigs, DJs can use PA speakers, active or passive, with passive speakers needing a separate amplifier.