Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

Earn MM Rewards Points with every purchase on our store, which can be redeemed a coupon codes for discounts on future purchases. To be eligible to earn MM Rewards Points (MMs) - you must have an account with us and be signed in to your account at the time of completing your purchase. 

- Rewards points are earned on the net spend on our website - which is the cost of the products purchased - not including shipping or taxes. 

- The earning rate of MMs is as follows: 1 MM earned for every 1 AED spent on products - not including shipping or taxes. 

- The spending rate of MMs is as follows: 200 MMs can be redeemed for a coupon value of AED 1. 

- MMs can be redeemed only on non-sale items (products which are not already discounted)

- A minumum purchase amount of AED 500 is required to redeem MMs.

- Not more than 10,000 MMs can be redeemed at a time for a single order.

- Click on the Rewards Button on the bottom left side of the screen to view the Rewards Window - where you can find information and available actions regarding the Rewards Programme - including: Your Points Balance, Your Available Rewards, Redeeming Points for Rewards and information regarding our Referrals Program. 

The process for Redeeming MMs is detailed in the link here.

- Once MM Points are Redeemed - you will have see a coupon code for the value of the rewards which will also be sent to your registered email address and be available for you to view at anytime on the Rewards Window.

- Reward coupon codes (redeemed from MMs) can be entered at checkout in future orders, to avail the applicable reward discount. 

- Reward coupons can not be used with any products already on discount or in conjunction with any other offers, deals or coupon codes.

- MMs redeemed into Rewards cannot be re-converted to points.

- MMs and Rewards cannot be re-used, are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

- MMs can not be earned or redeemed in any Bulk/Wholesale order or on any order where a special custom discount has been negotiated and given.  

- Purchases made on MusicMajlis with a guest account, will not be illegible to earn MMs. Please be aware to make an account prior to purchase in order to earn MMs.

- MMs cannot be backdated or earned in lieu of past purchases. 

- We reserve the right to cancel, amend or make changes our rewards and referrals programme, without prior notice.  

- Orders with special negotiated discounts whether or not for bulk/wholesale orders will not be considered elligble to earn MMs.