Passive PA Speakers
A passive speaker draws its power from an external amp and is connected to that amp via speaker wire. Musicmajlis has a large variety of Passive PA speakers perfect for home use or use in events, and industry-leading brands like JBL and Behringer to name a few!

Passive PA Speakers

Wharfedale TITANX15 Passive Speaker 400W

Dhs. 887.25

Wharfedale TITANX12 Passive Speaker 250W

Dhs. 619.50

Wharfedale TITAN15Z Passive Speaker 1x15" 700 RMS

Dhs. 1,302.00

Wharfedale TITAN12Z Passive Speaker 500W RMS

Dhs. 966.00

Wharfedale TITAN12P Passive Speaker 1x12" 250W RMS

Dhs. 519.75

Wharfedale Pro Titan 8 Passive PA Speaker

Dhs. 315.00

Wharfedale PRO MX-112M Passive Speaker Monitor

Dhs. 1,375.50

Wharfedale Pro Impact 215 Dual 15'' Passive PA Speaker

Dhs. 724.50

Wharfedale Pro Impact 18B Passive PA Speaker

Dhs. 588.00
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