Bugera is all about guitar amplification, obsessed in the quality of their hand-made tube guitar, they build their own speakers and bass amplifiers to make the sound of your instruments swing from the farthest sides of the world while retaining exceptional tonal quality. The company is owned by Behringer, listed as the 14th largest manufacturer of music equipment products in 2007 and yet another audio equipment company founded in 1989 by a Swiss engineer Uli Behringer in Willich, Germany. Bugera products can be availed on MusicMajlis with the most reliable support and service one could ever have. Products offered:

  • Guitar Head Amplifiers
  • Guitar Combo Amplifiers
  • Guitar Cabinets
  • Accessories
  • Bass Head Amplifiers
  • Bass Combo Amplifiers
  • Bass Cabinets
  • Footswitches and Remote Controls
  • Vacuum Tubes