Acoustic Drums


Acoustic Drums are the classic, go-to drums, reproducing all the sounds we know and love. Not to forget the cymbals, though, as they are also a critical aspect of every drum kit. MusicMajlis offers a wide variety of acoustic drums and cymbals in brands like Gretsch, Pearl, Mapex, and Yamaha. Contact us to understand the variety of options available.


What is included with a drum set?
Music Majlis offers a large variety of drum kits from just shell packs to complete drum kits with all the get you started right away.


Can I purchase additional accessories to complement my kit?
MusicMajlis has a wide variety of add-on drums, cymbals and other hardware for you to upgrade and accessorise the drum kit.


Is it possible to remove parts from my kit to upgrade them separately?
It is absolutely possible for you to upgrade most parts of your drum kit fairly easily. Just have a look at our extensive selection of individual drums and hardware to upgrade your kit.


Should I buy drum sets, or purchase each drum part individually?
The best option if you are a beginner, is to buy a full drum kit with every part ready to use and upgrade once you are ready to.