Since its foundation in 1972, Phonic has been revered as one of the leading manufacturers of professional audio products focusing on the cutting edge innovation of both analog and digital technology. Phonic was the ‘80s number one maker of DJ mixers and has supplied over 85% of the total units sold in the worldwide market. It continued to develop and innovate more products into all areas of professional audio and with their very own ISO-certified factories, they keep on investing on research and development to produce high-end quality including digital mixers, audio analyzers, precision speakers, and wireless technologies that give the sound engineer industry-leading usability, performance, and dependability. Grab a Phonic audio product on MusicMajlis and enjoy the most reliable support and service at the best prices offered. Products offered:

  • Speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers
  • Wireless Systems
  • Test instruments
  • Signal Processor


Phonic MAX1000 600W Power Amplifier

Dhs. 892.50

Phonic FIREFLY 302 USB Interface

Dhs. 200.00Dhs. 410.00

Phonic MAX2500 PLUS 1500W Power Amplifier

Dhs. 1,249.50

Phonic AM14GE Mixer w/ DFX/BT/TF Recorder/USB

Dhs. 1,874.25

Phonic AM12GE Compact Mixer DFX/BT/TF Recorder/USB

Dhs. 1,517.25

Phonic AM8GE Compact Mixer w/ DFX/BT/TF Recorder/USB

Dhs. 861.00

Phonic AM6GE Compact Mixer w/ BT/TF Recorder/USB

Dhs. 535.50

Phonic Celeus 400 Analog Mixer

Dhs. 696.15

Phonic Digitrack USB Audio Interface

Dhs. 223.13
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