Active PA Speakers

Active PA Speakers eliminate the need for external amplifiers, crossovers or signal processors thanks to its built-in amplifier and power supply. These speakers are best suited for events. Plug it in straight to your mixer or other sound sources and start performing. Usually, PA Speakers have the reputation of leaning toward loudness rather than clarity. However, with the newer models, like the Bose S1 Pro and the JBL Pro Eon One Compact, there has been a serious bump in audio quality with pronounced highs, mids, and lows, with notable audio separation. 


When shopping for a PA Speaker, the most important question to answer is the genre of music going to be played on the system. Wattage is a good unit of measurement to follow when purchasing speakers. Softer folksy guitars don't require louder speakers (and hence a lower wattage unit), while stronger heavy metal would require a louder system (and hence a unit with higher wattage). When considering wattage, it's also important to assess the environment of use, since larger venues require a louder system and vice versa. The total number of speakers also makes a difference for large venues.


What is the difference between active and passive speakers?
Active PA Speakers eliminate the need for external amplifiers, crossovers or signal processors thanks to its built-in amplifier and power supply. They can be connected directly to the source of audio like a mixer.
Passive PA Speakers, unlike active speakers, do not have a built-in amplifier or use external power, and require an amplified signal to function. Therefore, they need a power amplifier in the signal chain to function effectively.


Are bigger speakers always louder?
The size of the speaker and the woofer’s circumference primarily affects their frequency response. Going up in size increases the low end of the speaker and vice-versa. The factor that affects loudness is the wattage or maximum power output of the speaker. The higher the power rating, the higher the level of sound that can pass through it safely.


Can I use a PA Speaker system for home audio?
We do not recommend using a PA Speaker as your home audio because these speakers are designed for live performances and outdoor events. Unlike hi-fi home speakers and theatre systems, a PA speaker system would be loud and lack the audio detail required for everyday-use videos and music. Hi-fi systems and Home theatre speaker systems have a much lower wattage (better for your electricity bill and the environment) which means focus on audio quality and a more refined surround sound experience. Using the right amplifier will also take care of your audiophile needs, and for loudness. 


Do I need a subwoofer to go with my PA Speaker system?
If you’re on a  budget, a subwoofer can be avoided. Larger PA Speakers tend to have a more pronounced low-frequency sound, that will suffice for many. However, we recommend a subwoofer for most PA Systems to help better the bass response of the system. Since PA Systems are focussed on loudness, the bass frequencies are not exaggerated enough. Another reason is if a subwoofer was built into a speaker box, the performance of the mid- and high-frequency drivers would be compromised due to the intense vibrations of the powerful bass frequencies. 


What is the price range of Active PA Speakers?
An Active PA Speaker System starts from AED 600 and can go upto AED 10,000 (for a pair or array system) in the professional ranges.