Founded in 1895 by the one and only Rupert Neve, Focusrite is a professional audio and electronics company that is most famous for its audio interfaces - the Focusrite Scarlett Solo. Neve is regarded as the pioneering designer of professional audio recording equipment owing to his years of manufacturing high-end recording consoles for the best studios in England. It also helped that he was amongst the first to develop such systems to such professional accuracy. The fruits of his work are reflected even today, from Focusrite's smaller home-studio interfaces to the larger studio editions. The Focusrite Group operates under various titles, namely: Focusrite, Focusrite Pro, Martin Audio, ADAM Audio, Novation, and Amplify Music. While they make devices from microphone preamps and consoles to digital audio processing hardware and software, they are best known for their high quality, yet affordable audio interfaces.

For those getting started on their content creation journey, Focusrite has bundled a simple starter pack of an audio interface, a condenser microphone, a studio headphone, and the relevant cables to go with. There are two options for content creators - the Solo Studio (with 1 mic and 1 instrument input) and the 2i2 Studio (with 2 inputs for mics and instruments). An audio interface is essentially an electronically powered hub to connect analogue input devices which are then converted into digital signals to be recognised by a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Condenser Microphones are the perfect companion to record vocals and instruments with. Condenser Microphones also need a 48V phantom power which is provided by the audio interface. Finally, the studio headphones are an essential studio gear to help mix and master accurately. 

While Focusrite has become a staple name in home studio with their Solo and 2i2 variants, their 4i4 (4in/4out) and 8i6 (8in/6out) variants are coveted by acapella groups and music bands for their quality preamps and increased utility. Moreover, Focusrite also makes 18i8 and 18i20 interfaces in their Scarlett lineup. These are geared toward aspiring studio professionals and larger groups. It should not surprise you that Focusrite makes high-end professional studio equipment in their Focusrite Pro segment - notably ‘Red’ Audio Interfaces, ‘RedNet’ Audio-Over-IP, and ‘ISA’ Mic Pres.