Powered Mixers

Dynacord PowerMate 600-3 8‑channel Compact Power‑Mixer

Dhs. 8,000.00

Dynacord PowerMate 2200-3 22‑channel Compact Power‑Mixer

Dhs. 16,145.00

Dynacord PowerMate 1600-3 16‑channel Compact Power‑Mixer

Dhs. 13,483.00

Dynacord PowerMate 1000-3 10‑channel Compact Power‑Mixer

Dhs. 11,674.00

Dynacord PM 502 8‑ch Compact Powered Mixer

Dhs. 4,681.00

Behringer PMP500MP3 Ultra-Compact 500-Watt 8-Channel Powered Mixer with MP3 Player, Re

Dhs. 991.20

Behringer PMH518M Mixer Powered 5 CH (5 Mono) 1x180W RMS 4Ohms w/ FX and Equalizer

Dhs. 739.20

Mackie PPM608 8-channel 1000W Powered Mixer

Dhs. 3,376.80

Wharfedale Force 12 Professional Powered Mixer

Dhs. 1,675.80Dhs. 2,394.00
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