Condenser Microphones

Condenser Microphones, unlike Dynamic Microphones, are capable of capturing quieter sounds with a high degree of accuracy. They work by creating an electric charge between its diaphragm and a backplate. Owing to this complex mechanism, Condenser Microphones need external power to help charge its backplate like a capacitor. This conduction is provided by the 48V phantom power that most Preamplifiers and Audio Interfaces have. Condenser Microphones are much more delicate and expensive than Dynamic Microphones.

They are best used on vocals and instruments with more mid-high frequencies. Some of these microphones are even included with dedicated
Studio Bundles, allowing you to get started with recording audio in a jiffy. In recent times, microphone manufacturers have released USB Condenser Microphones aimed at voice-over artists and podcasters. These USB Mics have a similar input audio quality to XLR-out microphones, but with the simplicity of a direct USB connection to your laptop / PC. This direct connection helps circumvent the need for an audio interface.