Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are speakers designed specifically for mixing or producing music/sound critically, where detail and frequency response is crucial. Whether it be for a home studio or a professional studio space, Musicmajlis has one of the largest selections of Studio Monitors in the UAE!

Studio Monitors

Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Studio Monitor (PC)

Dhs. 621.00

Alesis ELEVATE 3 MKII PAIR Studio Monitor

Dhs. 338.10Dhs. 483.00

Presonus AudioBox 96 Studio Ultimate

Dhs. 1,199.00

Mackie CR3 3" Multimedia Monitors

Dhs. 485.45

Presonus Eris E4.5 Active Studio Monitor Pair

Dhs. 799.00

ISO Acoustics - Aparte (Pair)

Dhs. 1,140.00

Alesis ProLinear 720 DSP Active Monitor (1 pcs)

Dhs. 588.00Dhs. 1,428.00

Behringer MS16PAIR Active Monitor Speakers

Dhs. 546.00

Mackie CR4 4" Multimedia Monitors

Dhs. 728.12
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