Studio Monitors

Studio monitors are speakers designed specifically for mixing or producing music/sound critically, where detail and frequency response is crucial. Whether it be for a home studio or a professional studio space, MusicMajlis has one of the largest selections of Studio Monitors in the UAE! With brands like KRK, PreSonus, JBL, Mackie, Alesis, and more, sound reproduction and accuracy will not be an issue for your producing, mixing, mastering, and monitoring purposes.


Are there different types of studio monitors? If so, which ones?
There are many different kinds of studio monitors. The main 2 types are Active and Passive Monitors. Active Studio monitors have a built-in amplifier and simply need an input signal. Passive monitors, on the other hand, require an external power amplifier with speaker outs.

What alternatives are there to studio monitors?
The best alternative to studio monitors is a pair of studio headphones that has a good frequency response to accurately reproduce the audio being listened to.


Do I need specific pieces of gear/accessories to ensure proper sound reproduction from my monitors?
The reproduction of sound primarily falls on the monitors but the type of audio interface, monitor controller or cables (balanced/unbalanced) play an important role in the reproduction.


Where in the room should my monitors be placed?
First things first, the monitors must be placed away from walls or corners, and ideally should be at least 8 - 12 inches (20 - 30cm) away from the wall. Most studio monitors should not be placed horizontally as it may degrade the stereo image. The monitors must create an equilateral triangle with the listener and the tweeter must be ideally placed at the same height as the listener’s ears. 


What can / should I send to my stage monitors?
The general use of a stage monitor is to let the performer on stage hear themselves and whatever else they would like as a reference.