Founded in 1926 as Tulsemere manufacturing company by Guy R. Fountain in London, UK. Then in 1928, the company changes its name to "Tannoy", based on the materials used in the manufacture of its rectifiers (Tantalum / Lead Alloy). Tannoy has become an established electronics company and considered one of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of loudspeaker systems and audio components. Tannoy also is known to be a key player in professional recording studio monitoring and has been revered as the weapon of choice for musicians and industry pros alike. Get a quality audio performance and the most reliable support and service for every Tannoy equipment purchased on MusicMajlis. Products offered:

• Full Range Speakers
• Surface Mount Speakers
• Column Speakers
• Pendant Speakers
• Ceiling Speakers
• Portable PA Systems
• Subwoofers


Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Studio Monitor (PC)

Dhs. 621.00

Tannoy Life Buds Audiophile Wireless Earbuds with Recharging Case

Dhs. 279.30Dhs. 399.00

Tannoy Live Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Dhs. 588.00Dhs. 840.00

Tannoy TM1 Condenser Microphone

Dhs. 559.00

Tannoy Reveal 802 Active Studio Monitor (PC)

Dhs. 1,231.65

Tannoy Reveal 502 Active Studio Monitor (PC)

Dhs. 928.20
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