Warwick is a division of the Framus trademark and is a German-based company that specializes in the production of bass guitars which originally a premium brand that offers a minimal selection of models that were built from high quality and exotic tonewoods materials. Aside from its main basses produced, Warwick also manufactures speaker cabinets, bass guitar strings, and valve and FET amplifiers. Avail of Warwick products on MusicMajlis and enjoy the most reliable support and service offered that comes with every purchase. Products offered:

  • Bass Guitars
  • Bass Amplifications


Warwick RB Streamer LX 4-String Electric Bass - Black High Polish

Dhs. 1,323.00Dhs. 1,890.00

Warwick Rockbass Vampyre 5-string Bass - Black

Dhs. 2,338.35

Warwick RB Streamer LX 4 4-string Electric Bass - Metallic Red

Dhs. 1,606.50

Warwick RB Streamer LX 4-string Electric Bass - Metallic Red

Dhs. 1,339.80Dhs. 1,963.50

Warwick RB Streamer LX-23205 4-string Electric Bass - Metallic Blue

Dhs. 1,339.80Dhs. 1,963.50

Warwick RB Streamer LX 5-string Electric Bass - Metallic Red

Dhs. 1,431.15Dhs. 2,097.38

Warwick RB Corvette 4-string - Natural Satin

Dhs. 1,381.80Dhs. 2,025.98

Warwick RB Corvette Premium 5 String - Natural Satin

Dhs. 2,604.00

Warwick RB Streamer Standard 4-string Electric Bass - Natural Satin

Dhs. 1,606.50
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