Guitar Accessories

Can I play without a pick?
Playing without a pick is often standard practice for many guitarists, usually referred to as "fingerstyle" or "flamenco". Flamenco originated from a more Latin-style approach to guitar with all five fingers being utilized, though you will more often see four - or even three - being used at once.


Do I need a tuner for my guitar?
Tuners are recommended for beginners and intermediate players alike, as they are able to tune your instrument with more accuracy than tuning by ear.


What does a capo do?
A capo can change the key of what you are playing with ease. It is recommended for singers to easily switch keys without having to learn new shapes and chords to fit that key, as the same chords can be played a few frets higher / lower.


What kind of cases are there for guitars?
There are soft shell cases, hardshell cases, and bags. When travelling, a hardshell case is recommended to avoid any potential damage to your instrument. A softshell case, or even bag, would be suitable under less damage-prone circumstances.