Established in 1940, Ahuja Radios with its seven decades of existence in the music industry is today's leading manufacturer of Public Address Equipment in India. With dedication and passion for investing in continuous research and development with their product lines in sound reinforcements, Ahuja prides to be the most trusted brand to offer the widest product range that fulfills the demand in Public Address requirements for quality music today which becomes easily acquired through MusicMajlis in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Products offered:

      • Full Range Speakers
      • Surface Mount Speakers
      • Column Speakers
      • Pendant Speakers
      • Ceiling Speakers
      • Outdoor Horn Speakers
      • Driver Units
      • Portable PA Systems
      • Subwoofers
      • Commercial Amplifiers
      • Power Amplifiers
      • Conference System
      • Wired Microphones
      • Paging Microphones
      • Analog Mixers
      • Microphone Stands



      Ahuja DMX22 2 CH Audio Mixer

      Dhs. 199.50

      Ahuja - ASC315T Speaker Passive Wall Mount 15Watts

      Dhs. 178.50

      Ahuja DGT Microphone Stand - Table Type

      Dhs. 63.00

      Ahuja - AT1OV (Microphone holder)

      Dhs. 11.25

      Ahuja - DGNXM Microphone Stand

      Dhs. 105.00

      Ahuja SP6305TD Passive Speaker Wall Mount

      Dhs. 210.00

      Ahuja CS8151T Ceiling Speaker -White

      Dhs. 105.00

      Ahuja AUD98XLR

      Dhs. 73.50

      Ahuja BS-6083T PA Wall Speakers -White

      Dhs. 98.18
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