Founded in 1980, Alesis was known for their semiconductor chip technology and award-winning industrial designs that allowed entry-level musicians and recording artists to have their own professional studio recording setup - a task that was financially impossible then. Focussed on studio gear for the better part of their beginnings, they eventually introduced the world’s first professional 16-bit effects processor under $1000, followed by studio-quality drum machines like the HR16 and SR16. Synthesisers complemented these studio monitors and mixing consoles - an all in one package of sorts for a dream home studio.

After all these years of innovation, Alesis is still the top name in electronic drum kits and other studio equipment like MIDI Controllers, Drum Machines. They also have Audio Interfaces, Headphones, Mixers, Wireless Systems, and PA Speakers to complete your home studio setup. Unlike other music brands which are primarily into the base reproduction of music, Alesis has taken the digital approach. All their products have electronic components that work along with a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) or require amplification. 

Electronic Drum Kits
Alesis has made a significant mark in the electronic drum scene with the introduction of the Turbo Mesh Kit. The seven-piece drum kit has mesh heads (which help recreate the play feel of acoustic drums) and dedicated drum module with 120 individual drum sounds and ten presets. It doesn’t take much space or be loud, making it ideal for small quarters. The Nitro Mesh Kit is Alesis’ answer to aspiring drummers who want a kit to last for years on end, and be a solution to the noise complaints without losing the feel of real drums. For a small markup, the Nitro Mesh Kit has a refined drum module with better ease of use and customisation possibilities. The pads are also arranged like a traditional drum kit. Notably, the Command Mesh Kit and Surge mesh kit are for the intermediate and aspiring professionals. Both these kits have upgraded externals and a more function-packed drum module. Apart from these entry-level kits, Alesis also produces professional double-mesh designed kits with multiple cymbals and drum heads. These are the perfect machines for the stage and every professional studio. Some of the famous expert-level kits are the DM10 Pro Kit, Strike Pro Kit, and Crimson 2 Kit. All three drum sets have Alesis’ best drum module with a whole suite of sound and functionality options. If you can settle for nothing below the best, the Strike Pro Kit is the way to go. All of Alesis’ electronic drum kits feature a headphone out to practice in total silence. They also have MIDI outs for easy DAW integration.

MIDI Controller 
Keyboard Controllers are piano or synth-styles keyboards that transmit MIDI data to a DAW. There are no built-in sounds or a sound engine on a MIDI Controller. It requires a DAW or other sound modules to function. While their VX49 has most functionality and easy-to-use interface, the Vmini is notable for its compact size and minimal approach to MIDI Keyboard Controllers. With portability as its main advantage, the Vmini is a 25-key controller with drum pad controllers and assignable knobs. They also managed to include a dedicated octave change key in this tiny package. The V49 and V61 are extensions of the 25-key Vmini (the numbers represent the number of keys). If you fancy more drum pads as a single package with your keyboard controller, they have the VI25, VI49, and VI61 with 4x4 pads. In this manner, it's possible to have a one-stop system for your music production needs. Finally, the VX49 has the added benefit of a screen, 4x4 pads and eight assignable knobs. This increases ease of use and makes for a better all-in-one MIDI Keyboard controller. 


Studio Monitors
Alesis was serious about being the one-stop solution to everything ‘studio’. They have extreme budget monitors like the Elevate 3, which are a bestseller at MusicMajlis. Despite its competitive pricing, the audio quality of the Elevate is at par with most home-studio monitors. Studio monitors are used to accurately mix and master audio samples thanks to their flat frequency response and stable audio output. Monitors usually come in near-field, mid-field, and far-field options. For home studios, near-field monitors are highly recommended. This helps balance out the minimal acoustic treatment in a home studio. Apart from the Elevate 3, Alesis also makes more powerful, higher-quality monitors in the Elevate 4, Elevate 5, and Elevate 6 ranges. These are significantly more expensive than the entry options but are a decent pick for serious musicians.