König & Meyer
      Founded by Karl König and Eric Meyer in 1949, König & Meyer is considered one of the staples in manufacturing varieties and a wide selection of stands and accessories for musical instruments. Integrating advancements in technology and innovation, the company has and continues its research and development to create a new trend in technological gears that surely gives solutions for almost every scenario. Like the recent range of iPad holders, K&M also produces the widest product range in music stands, microphone and instrument stand, speaker stands, seats and accessories for lighting, sound and studio technology. Grab a K&M product on MusicMajlis and enjoy the most reliable support and service while making the most out of your music venture.

      König & Meyer

      K&M 19745 Smartphone holder

      Dhs. 124.95

      K&M 17580 Acoustic Guitar Stand -Heli 2

      Dhs. 82.95

      K&M Music Stand Light Duet 2

      Dhs. 82.95

      K&M Music Stand Light Xtra Flex

      Dhs. 51.45

      K&M Guitar Holder with K&M Logo

      Dhs. 30.45

      K&M Mic Stand 254 5/8" Black

      Dhs. 124.95

      K&M Wall Mount Black

      Dhs. 366.45

      K&M Wall Mount for 6010

      Dhs. 303.45

      K&M Mic Stand Black

      Dhs. 187.95
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