DJ Controllers

DJ Controllers essentially mimic the function of turntables and mixers, though they allow for easier manipulation of their chosen DJ software. It allows you to mix music through the software with the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, assignable backlit buttons, touch strips, and other control components. The primary difference between DJ Mixers and DJ Controllers is that the latter cannot work as a stand-alone device. While a mixer has the capability to function independently (mix and manipulate audio signals), a controller requires a laptop with a DJ Software to do so. However, the lack of in-built sound-engines means a smaller and lighter package. And apart from portability, the initial investment and learning curve is comparatively smaller, making it the perfect choice for a beginner. 

Modern DJ controllers replicate two turntables and a DJ mixer (as is standard on a professional deck). However, DJ controllers are much cheaper than a full-set DJ Controller + Mixer. Unlike turntables, controllers can take advantage of the flexibility of computer software. Many DJ software allows users to remap the components of a controller to perform various functions than the pre-assigned controls. After years of development, DJ Controllers are slowly becoming the go-to choice for DJs, mainly because of the inclusion of newer features like LCD screens, touch-sensitive performance pads, in-built memory, fader tempo control, motorised platters, and more as seen previously on professional DJ sets - all this for a fraction of the price of a full-sizes, professional DJ Deck.

Do I specifically need DJ controllers for my setup, or will any MIDI controller do the trick?
This comes down to what each type of controller is designed to do. DJ controllers are made with live DJing in mind and have features such as knobs, buttons, jog wheels, pads or faders. A MIDI controller is made for use in the production process to control the production software. However, a midi controller can be used as a DJ controller in live situations.

Do DJ Controllers require an audio interface?
No. DJ Controllers with a USB Out (most new controllers have this) directly connect to a laptop/PC. Older models of DJ Controllers may require an extra RCA to USB adapter to connect to a laptop/PC. 

How does a DJ Controller work?
Modern DJ controllers replicate two turntables and a DJ mixer. Using a computer software working in sync with a DJ Controller, they are able to assign, mix, and produce sounds. The DJ Controller is essentially a MIDI device used to control the functions of a DJ Software on the laptop/PC. Each button and knob can be assigned to a specific function or sound from the DJ Software.

Are DJ Controllers good for beginners?
DJ Controllers are the perfect beginner DJ Set, mainly because of the smaller learning curve and lower initial spending.

Do DJ Controllers require software to work?
Yes, DJ Controller can only work with the appropriate DJ Software on a laptop/PC. MusicMajlis offers some of the best DJ Softwares at the lowest prices in the region. 

What is the price range of a DJ Controller?
A DJ Controller starts from AED 200 and can go upto AED 12,000 in the professional models.