Founded by Uli Behringer in 1989, Behringer has been synonymous with affordable music and sound equipment. The company is by roots German, but now manufactures most of its products in China to keep costs low. In 1996, Behringer launched the EURODESK MX8000 mixing console, delivering features from boards costing twice as much. Beyond mixers and speakers, Behringer also went on to develop a wide range of feedback elimination solutions, rackmount digital processors, analog crossovers, microphones, DJ mixers, and more. Behringer is currently owned by the parent company - Music Tribe - an organisation that also owns the reputed Midas, Klark Teknik, Bugera, Eurotec and Turbosound (formerly owned by Harman). By the year 2007, Behringer became the 14th largest manufacturer of music products. 

Audio Interfaces
When using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to record instruments and voices live, an audio interface is the device that helps convert the analogue sound signals to digital signals. Moreover, many interfaces also have audio manipulation features before recording on a DAW. Some of Behringer’s most sought after interfaces are the U-Phoria UMC22, UMC202HD, UMC204HD, UMC404HD, UCA222, and the UM2. These interfaces come in-built with a Midas or Xenyx preamp, both of which are industry-leading preamps. Each of the listed interfaces has different input and output lines, giving a choice to you as the artist. The UMC404HD is the largest of the lot while the UM2, the most affordable. 

Behringer makes some of the most versatile, varyingly priced studio mixers to suit all performers and audio technicians. A Mixer (or mixing console) is an electronic device used for combining audio from multiple input devices and “mix” them before output. Mixers can have effects (FX) to manipulate the input audio signal. Their starter range, Xenyx QX1202, 1202FX, and 1002FX are bestsellers in the market. They have both analogue and digital mixers, suited for artists in all price ranges.

Studio Monitors
Studio Monitors are a must-have for every home and professional studio setup. The B2030A is one of Behringer’s best studio monitors, used by many serious mixing and mastering professionals. The B2030A is an active 2-way reference monitor with a powerful bi-amplified output and a larger-than-usual tweeter. Another attractive monitor to consider is the MS16 range. It's a compact, all-in-one device that features powerful 4” woofers and high-resolution tweeters. While there are more monitor speakers to consider from Behringer’s lineup, the MS40 is the other significant series that caught our attention. The two-way active monitor system is a powerful speaker system with built-in controls to act as a mixer. It's also one of the more affordable options from Behringer while maintaining its value for money proposition.

Studio Headphones
Behringer makes one of the affordable studio headphones in the market. When they released their first pairs of studio headphones, it single-handedly disrupted the market and went to show the extended possibilities of a studio headphone. The HPX2000 is the entry level offering, fulfilling all the requirements of a studio monitoring headphone - flat frequency response, lightweight and comfortable to wear for an extended time, and audio separation with a good dynamic range. If you’re looking for one with better build quality and superior performance, the HPX6000 or the BH770 is the one to look for. 

Behringer Microphones are one of the most underrated Behringer products. While the Rode NT1A and AT2050 are the most commonly heard-of brands, Behringer’s condenser microphones are at par with them. The Behringer C1, TM1 and B2 Pro are the best-selling condenser microphones from Behringer. Using quality materials and experts to build the product, all their condenser mics are best suited for home studios and live recording sessions. They also have instrument mics like the ECM8000, B5, and C2 at competitive prices. Despite a lack of recognition on popular music and sound forums, Behringer’s microphones are an absolute value for money proposition for an artist at any level.

Fun Fact: Uli Behringer, the company's founder, constructed a synthesiser (the UB-1) by the age of 16.