DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones offer long-lasting comfort and loudness that is required of a DJ during a set in order to listen, control, and entertain. Their punchy and consistent character is not to be taken lightly, as you’ll be able to hear every detail you need during your set with no issues at all. MusicMajlis’ wide range of DJ Headphones is sure to keep you spinning disks past the competition.


What is the difference between DJ headphones and studio headphones?
There are quite a few factors that differentiate DJ headphones from studio headphones.  Conversely, Studio headphones are built with a relatively flat frequency response and can be either closed-back, open-back or semi-open. Their primary use is as a reference when mixing on studio monitors. 


Can I use DJ headphones with non-DJ gear?
As long as the device has the same connector (¼” or 3.5 mm) you can use the headphones on any device.


Is it possible to use DJ headphones for recording, mixing, and mastering?
Although you can use DJ headphones for all those processes, it is not ideal due to the coloured nature of their frequency response. For production, mixing and mastering, it is recommended to use headphones with a flat response and a natural soundscape offered by open-back or semi-open studio headphones.