Semi-Acoustic Guitars

The Semi-Acoustic Guitar, also known as the hollow-body electric guitar, originated in the 1930s. It has both a sound box and one or more electric pickups. Since the guitar can be used as an acoustic and an amplifiable guitar, the versatility will allow you to take your music from the living room to a live audience in no time. Semi-Acoustic guitars use steel wound strings and tend to have a slimmer neck which is easy to play. Acoustic Guitars are the most preferred beginner guitar and are available in various price ranges, sizes, and colours. They also have multiple string options – 6 string acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, and 4 string acoustic bass guitar.


Technically, Acoustic Guitars can be used to record and perform live music using a condenser microphone (or an instrument microphone). The sound produced by an Acoustic Guitar is mainly due to the resonant sound of the string against the soundboard - which means, the larger the guitar, the louder the sound. However, installing a pickup to an Acoustic Guitar or simply buying one with a pre-installed pickup can make a notable difference to live recording and performances. A notable benefit of the acoustic guitar is its capability to be converted into a semi-acoustic guitar at a later stage by adding a Piezo-electric pickup (installed inside the body of a guitar) or a soundhole pickup (bridges the soundhole like an electric guitar). Piezo-electric pickups register the vibrations of a string and are best paired with a preamp. Soundhole pickups, as seen on electric guitars, use the differences in the vibration of its magnetic field to log notes that are amplified using a guitar amplifier. 


What is the difference between Acoustic Guitars and Semi-Acoustic Guitars?
A Semi-Acoustic Guitar is an electronically amplified version of an Acoustic Guitar. This is made possible by introducing a pickup inside the guitar. This pickup converts the analog sounds to a digitally amplified electronic signal. 


Are semi-acoustic guitars easier to play than acoustic guitars?
No. Acoustic and Semi-Acoustic guitars have a similar build and play feel.


What are the different types of pickups on an acoustic guitar?
The three types of pickups for an acoustic guitar are:
Piezo-electric: This is the most preferred type of pickup by Semi-Acoustic Guitarists around the world. This device works by registering the vibrations of the string, which is amplified through an output to the guitar amp. The installation of this device can be done even after purchasing an acoustic guitar.
Magnetic:This is rarely used by guitarists because of an apparent lack of character when outputted. This pickup is installed over the soundhole of an acoustic guitar and picks up notes based on disruptions in its magnetic field. The tone produced is generally warm, and similar to that of an electric guitar.
Internal Miking - A small microphone is placed inside the body of the guitar. This has the most exaggerated sound of all three pickups, but is also the most prone to feedback. Moreover, placing the mic at a less than optimal location will adversely affect the tone of the guitar. Another simple option is to externally mic the guitar using an instrument mic or a condenser microphone. Live recording artists mainly use this option.


What is the price range of Semi-Acoustic Guitars?
A Semi-Acoustic Guitar starts from AED 350 and can go upto AED 7,500 in the professional ranges.