Formally known as the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, it is an American-based manufacturer of stringed instruments and amplifiers. Fender also produces acoustic guitars, bass amplifiers and public address equipment, but is best known for its solid-body electric guitars and bass guitars, particularly the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Precision Bass, and the Jazz Bass. The company was founded in Fullerton, California, by Clarence Leonidas Fender in 1946 and is currently headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The organisation currently owns and operates Fender, Squier, Gretsch, Jackson, Charvel and EVH, among others. Fender, without a doubt, has transformed music in nearly every genre, but more importantly in rock-n-roll, country and western, jazz, rhythm and blues. Fender is currently the largest producer of guitars worldwide. Some of the models in their electric guitar lineup include the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Acoustasonic, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Duo-Sonic, Mustang, Lead, and Squier. Electric Guitars are made from solid wood, so they are less fragile. This is also an option to consider if noise is a factor since headphones are compatible with most Electric Guitars. Electric Guitars offer some of the most versatile sound options, accessible when using a feature-packed amp or dedicated foot pedals. Fender’s guitars generally hold value for years on end, and have limited edition options tailored to fan bases of various international artists. 

Fender also makes acoustic guitars, with various models like - California, Paramount, Acoustasonic, Classic, Alternative, bundles, and Acoustic Basses. These are available in a variety of colours and in different sizes to accommodate all players. Acoustic Guitars (including classical guitars) like the SA150 or the CD 60SCE use their larger-than-electric bodies to amplify sound naturally, which is why Electric Guitars and Acoustic Guitars are built differently. Acoustic Guitars feature 22 frets, while Classical Guitars with nylon strings have 21 frets. Acoustic Guitars use steel wound strings and tend to have a slimmer neck which is easy to play. While Fender has a few semi-acoustic options for those looking for acoustic-electric capabilities, it's also possible to add electronic components to an acoustic guitar at a later stage. These are versatile yet simple string instruments for everyone from beginners to touring professionals. 

Fender’s guitar amplifiers are objectively some of the best sounding amplifiers in the market. They have an option for every artist from combo amps and cabinets for large-scale events and smaller practice amps that are extremely portable and with high-quality audio reproduction. Most of these guitar amps also have sound effect controls built-in, with the option to choose between tube amps and digital amps (between acoustic and electric guitars). Tube amps provide a warm and vintage sound while the digital amps are lighter and produce a clean, strong sound. These guitar amps are best paired with effect pedals like the MTG Tube Distortion Pedal, Tre-Verb Digital Reverb/Tremolo, The Pinwheel Rotary Speaker Emulator, and more from Fender’s lineup.