The ukulele is a member of the string family that originated in Hawaii. It generally employs four nylon or gut strings or four courses of strings


GHS H-10 Ukulele Strings Soprano Concert Black Nylon

Dhs. 20.00

Oscar Schmidt OU2E Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele - Natural Satin

Dhs. 357.00

Cordoba Guilele Spruce Top Guitar-Ukulele Hybrid - Natural

Dhs. 535.50

Cordoba Baritone Ukulele Polyfoam Deluxe

Dhs. 199.50

GHS H-T10 Ukulele Strings Tenor Black Nylon w/Wound 3rd

Dhs. 20.00

Cordoba Guilele CE Semi-Electric Guitar-Ukulele Hybrid - Natural

Dhs. 1,102.50

Cordoba Cuatro Ukulele

Dhs. 882.00

Cordoba 23T Ukulele Tenor - Natural

Dhs. 850.50

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele - Natural

Dhs. 420.00
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