Who are we and why shop with us?
  1. How long have your operations been underway in Dubai?
    Our e-commerce platform falls under our leadership team that has had a presence in the UAE since 1994. Learn more in the About Us section.
  2. Why should I consider shopping with MusicMajlis?
    We promise the lowest rates and best customer service in the UAE. We also prioritize your music and sound needs and wants over brand affiliations. Rest assured, you can count on us to have your back. Learn more in our Why Us section.
  3. Can I find you on social media?
    Yes. We have an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We love keeping in touch with our followers and patrons on socials. We also put up flash sales and giveaways, so do follow us and watch out for that.  We’re currently working on launching helpful video tutorials and product reviews on YouTube.
Account Information
  1. I forgot my login credentials
    That's unfortunate. Please email us and we'll help you reinstate your account.
  2. My MM Points are missing
    It is highly improbable that your MM Points are missing from your account. They do not have an expiry date. However, if you feel your MM Points are missing, send us an email and we’ll help you retrieve them.
  3. I’m getting an error when trying to log in
    Please check your internet connection for errors. If you are still receiving an error, please call or message us and we'll assist you.
  4. Is the MusicMajlis web page available in Arabic?
    Yes. You can access the Arabic version of our website by selecting the Arabic option/UAE flag on the overhead panel on our homepage.
Order Information
  1. Where is my order?
    Standard delivery takes 3 to 5 business days. If you opted for express delivery, you will receive your order in 2 working days. If you have queries, feel free to contact us via email.
  2. I want to track my order

  3. I want to edit my order
    If your order has been dispatched, it is not possible to add more items at this point. However, call or message us to ascertain whether we can accommodate your request. You are always welcome to place a new order.
  4. I want to cancel my order
    You can cancel your order before your receive it and we can proceed with a refund through the same payment method. However, if you already received your product, please give us a call and we'll assess your situation on a case to case basis. Please refer to our return policy for more information.
  5. I want to exchange my product
    All sales are final. No exchange or return will be offered for a change of heart, incorrect order, or if the item is an unwanted gift. However, we replace your product if there is a factory defect. This will come into play on a case to case basis, after assessment of your purchase by experts at the local service center. Write to us for assistance, and refer to the Return, Refund & Exchange policy for more information.
  6. I want help assembling my product
    We offer a professional service to help assemble your product in homes across UAE. There is an additional cost of AED 157.50 (Dubai) and AED 262.50 (other Emirates). Please note that we do not assemble products bought for commercial purposes at present.
  7. If I need to avail warranty for a fixable problem, will my item be shipped internationally?
    All the products that we sell have local service centers that will assess and attempt to restore the product from within the UAE. However, on the rare occasion that the instrument has to be shipped internationally, all expenses will be borne by the dealer/manufacturer provided that the defect is bound by warranty.
  8. I want to delete my search history
    We can assist you with this. Simply drop us an email.
Brand Partnerships
  1. Do you have brand partners?
    We are not bound by exclusivity. We have the widest variety of brands under one roof - 6,000 and counting. This is made possible because we highly value customer preferences and your purchase decisions.
  2. Are there brands that you don’t deal with?
    We constantly update our portfolio of goods to keep up our MusicMajlis promise of 'all brands under one roof'.If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email us and we’ll make it happen.
  3. What do you recommend?
    Contact us via email, call, text, or chatbox to get personalized recommendations based on your music and sound needs.
Understanding MM Points and Referral Benefits
  1. What are MM Points?
    We love rewarding loyal MusicMajlis members and patrons with deals and rewards. Apart from the usual hubbub, we also have a loyalty program where we match your monetary purchase with MM Points that are redeemable online.
  2. Is the membership paid?
    At the moment, we are offering a MusicMajlis membership for free. This means, you have access to all our exclusive deals and offers, buying and beginner guides, and more content that is currently being curated.
  3. How do I earn MM Points?
    You can earn MM Points in one of three ways:
    a) Simply signing up earns 1000 MM Points
    b) Buy from us. Each Dirham spent is a point earned
    c) Write a product review for 1000 MM Points
    d) Follow us on Instagram for 1000 MM Points
  4. How do I redeem MM Points?

  5. What is the monetary value of MM Points?
    200 MMs = AED 1
  6. Can I exchange MM Points for cash?
    Unfortunately, MM Points can only be redeemed when making a purchase. It does not have a direct monetary value.
  7. How do I join?
    Its simple. Make an account with us. You can sign up for it here. The Rewards section will guide you to a simple two-step process to become a MusicMajlis member for free.
  8. Do MM Points expire?
    No, your MM Points are for life. When you decide to shop with us again, at any point in the future, you can redeem your MM Points against your online order.
  9. Is it possible to earn MM Points on discounted/on-sale goods?
    No. Unfortunately, you cannot earn MM Points on discounted goods.
  10. Is it possible to earn MM Points on deals and bundles?
    Unfortunately, you cannot earn MM Points on deals and bundles at the moment. However, you may be eligible for discounts.
  11. Can I redeem my MM Points at the same time as a purchase?
    You earn MM Points after you make your purchase. Therefore, you can only redeem your points for the subsequent purchase.
  12. If I redeem a gift card, will I earn MM Points?
    No. You earn MM Points when you purchase a Gift Card.
  13. Can I earn MM Points on an order where I’m redeeming older MM Points?

  14. I forgot my login details and lost all my MM Points
    Please email us and we'll assist you in retrieving your account.
  15. What is a referral and how does it benefit me?
    Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase. Both you and your referral will get an AED 30 voucher upon a successful online order.
Discounts and Newsletters
  1. How do I know all the available discounts and deals?
    We have a weekly newsletter that lists the best deals and bundles available. On the other hand, you can explore our deals under the ‘Deals and Promotions’ classification on our website.
  2. I want to sign up to your newsletter
    If you are a member of the MusicMajlis community, you have already been signed onto our weekly newsletter. Conversely, you can sign up here.
  3. I cannot see the newsletter even though I've already signed on
    Please check your spam folder for any misclassified email from MusicMajlis. Usually, our weekly newsletters are delivered in the Promotion or Updates tab (for gmail users).
  4. Do you sell my information to third party sources?
    No, we do not sell or share your personal information, and we never will. We value our music community and respect your right to privacy. We collect your information for the sole purpose of providing you with a better, personalized shopping experience. You can opt out of this personalization by …xx
  5. What is the validity on your discounts and offers?
    Information regarding discounts, offers, and vouchers are one-off. You can find this information in the email newsletter you received. If you still have queries, feel free to reach out to our team via email.
  6. I want to unsubscribe from MusicMajlis’ mailing list
    We are sorry to see you go. If you have a few minutes, please write to us about how we could have improved your experience as a customer. As for unsubscribing from our list, simply visit the previous email newsletter you received from us and you’ll find the unsubscribe button at the very bottom. If that does not seem to do the trick, please write to us.
Classifieds and Used Goods
  1. Can I sell my product on your page?
    Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not support reselling of goods. Our policy ascertains that we only deal with original products with a valid warranty.
  2. Do you sell used goods?
    Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not sell used goods. Our policy ascertains that we only deal with original products that have valid warranty. In doing so, we ensure that all our customers have access to the myriad of benefits that come with a new product, including MusicMajlis’ robust support system.
Payment Information
  1. Do you accept international credit/debit cards?
    Yes, we accept credit and debit cards from over 190 countries, with the exception of: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Democratic Republic Of Congo (previously, Zaire), People’s Republic of Congo, Honduras, Israel, Mexico, Occupied Palestinian Territory, Romania, Venezuela, Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea, Colombia, Syria, Iran, Sudan, and Cuba.
  2. I was debited more than the amount I purchased for
    Please email us and we’ll sort the issue out ASAP.
  3. Is the pricing inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT)?
    Yes, UAE VAT is included in the prices of all the products.
  4. Can I write you a cheque for my purchase? 
    No. We do not accept cheques as a method of payment.
  5. What card payment networks does MusicMajlis accept?
    We accept all cards that bear the VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and mada networks.
  6. Do you accept VISA and MasterCard?
    Yes, we accept card that carry VISA or MasterCard networks.
  7. Do you accept Saudi Arabia’s mada network?
    Yes, we accept payments made by cards that sport the mada network.
  8. Do you accept AMEX cards?
    Yes, we accept AMEX credit and debit cards.
  9. Do you accept Apple Pay or Samsung Pay?
    Currently, we do not accept payment via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. However, we’re working to incorporate this into our network
  10. Can I pay through installments?
    Absolutely, you can. We have partnered with Tabby to enable payment in installments. You can break any purchase below AED 3,000 into four easy payments. You are required to pay 25% upfront, and the rest in easy installments across three months with no hidden fees or charges.
  11. Can I pay through installment for an order that costs more than AED 3,000?
    Yes. Please contact your respective bank to arrange for payment in easy installments.
  12. Can I opt for a 6 or 12 months installment?
    MusicMajlis offers easy installments across four months with 25% upfront payment. If you want to have a more relaxed installment scheme, please contact your bank for the same.
  13. Is your payment portal safe?
    Absolutely, yes. We use MENA’s leading risk management service, Payfort, to secure our portal. It provides advanced encryption and safety, certified to the latest PCI DSS standards. The portal also has 3-D Secure’s two-step verification process for added security.
Store Location
  1. Where is your (partner) store located?
    We are primarily an e-commerce platform. However, we understand that you might prefer having a hands-on experience with a product before purchase. For this purpose, you are welcome to visit our partner store, Techniline Electronics LLC, near Deira City Center. Please note that Techniline only has around 20% of the products we list on our website on display. If you are looking for a specific product, please let us know so we can direct you to the relevant store accordingly.
  2. Why do you not have a store?
    By redirecting our resources away from the financial implications of having a physical store, we are able to divert funds into the customer experience – including but not limited to – a musically proficient support staff, frequent time-bound discounts, lower-than-market rates, and a fluid online shopping experience.
Contact Us
  1. Social media
    We understand that talking over call is super old school and unnecessary. Everything happens via text today. So, send us a message on WhatsApp or message us via Facebook messenger.
  2. Call
    We are available on call from Saturday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm. If you would like to contact us outside these hours, please email us
  3. Email
    Email us at hello@musicmajlis.co
  4. We have a dedicated chat box on our web page that directly links to our support staff from Saturday to Thursday between 9am and 7pm. Outside our working hours, leave us a message on WhatsApp or chat box, and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

Shipping and Returns

  1. Do you provide free shipping?
    Currently, we offer free shipping in the UAE on orders above AED 499.
  2. What is express shipping and how do I avail it?
    If you want to receive your order within 1-2 working days, you can opt for express shipping. This service is currently available for customers based in Dubai or Sharjah. Using this means of transport will incur extra charges that are specified at the time of purchase.
  3. How much does it cost to ship products that cost lower than AED 499?
    We deliver products regardless of the shape and size. If the order costs less than AED 499, the delivery charge for standard shipping is AED 21, including VAT.
  4. What is MusicMajlis’ return policy?
    You can return your purchase within 30 days, if the item is in its original, unopened and unused packaging - i.e., sealed box. For more information, please refer to our Return Policy.
  5. I opted for delivery, but I changed my mind. I now want to pick it up from your partner store
    You are welcome to visit Techniline Electronics LLC, near Deira City Center for in-person pickup. However, please call or message us at the earliest. If the product has already been dispatched, it would not be possible to collect it in person.
  6. My order is delayed
    We apologize for this inconvenience. Standard orders ship within 5 business days, express orders within 2 business days, and pick up within 2 business days. If the order has taken longer than the aforementioned time, please contact us immediately via email.
  7. If I buy an item that is out of stock, will I get a refund?
    Absolutely. On the rare occasion that we do not have a product you ordered, we will fully refund your purchase through the original payment method used. On the contrary, you can consult with our in-house support staff and look for alternatives to satisfy your musical genius.
  8. If an item goes on sale as soon as I bought it, am I eligible for a refund?
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund the amount (or difference) after you have placed the order. However, we highly recommend you sign up to our mailing list so you don’t miss out on limited time offers and discounts.
  9. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we regularly ship our products to clients around the world. However due to the large volume/weight of the item(s), it’s usually a little more expensive to ship. Please contact us via email to ascertain the extra shipping and handling costs.
  10. Do you ship to GCC countries?
    Yes, we do. Primarily to the Sultanate of Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Kuwait, and the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  11. I want a replacement
    We only offer replacements when the product has a factory defect. Please refer to our policy for more information.
Warranty Information
  1. Does MM provide warranty?
    All MusicMajlis products come with full manufacturer’s warranty to cover the occasional defect.
  2. How long does the warranty last?
    Each product holds manufacturer warranty specific to that instrument. Documentation inside the packaging will specify the time period.
  3. What does the warranty cover?
    Please visit the manufacturer’s website to learn more about warranty information. Each item is assessed and covered on a case to case basis.
  4. Is proof of purchase required to avail warranty?
    Yes. Please keep a copy of the invoice to claim warranty.
  5. For more information, email us.
Gift Cards
  1. Where can I purchase MusicMajlis gift cards from?

  2. What is validity of a gift card?
    Gift cards are valid for one year from the date of purchase.
  3. What is the minimum/maximum purchase value of a gift card?
    There is no minimum or maximum purchase value on our gift cards.
  4. What is the minimum/maximum amount to spend on a gift card?
    There is no minimum or maximum spend limit on our gift cards.
  5. Can I redeem one gift card multiple times?
    Absolutely. You can redeem the balance credit before expiry.
  6. If I redeem a gift card, will I earn MM Points?
    Unfortunately, the redeeming party will not receive MM Points.
  7. Will I earn MM Points when I purchase a gift card?
    Yes. You earn MM Points for the value of the Gift Card.
  8. Can I convert my MM Points into a gift card?
    Yes, you can redeem your MM Points against the purchase of a Gift Card. 200 MMs = AED 1
  9. Can I redeem a gift card without making a MusicMajlis account?

Customer Safety and Privacy
  1. Do you sell my information to third party sources?
    No, we do not sell or share your personal information. We value our music community and respect your right to privacy. We collect your information for the sole purpose of providing you with a better, personalized shopping experience
  2. I want to delete all my information with MusicMajlis
    We understand your right to privacy. We will help you expunge your data. Simply drop us an email
  3. I want to delete my search history
    We can assist you with this. Simply drop us an email
  4. I want to delete my stored cards and banking details
    We understand your right to privacy and respect your choices. We will help you expunge your data. Drop us an email
  5. Is your payment portal safe?
    Yes. We use MENA’s leading risk management service, Payfort, to secure our portal. It provides advanced encryption and safety, certified to the latest PCI DSS standards. The portal also has 3-D Secure’s two-step verification process for added security