Digital Mixers

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What kinds of mixers are there?
There are a few types of mixers available for different purposes:
Analog mixers are great for use in live environments and for recording too. They are cheaper than their digital counterparts and therefore lack the ability to program or use automation that may be necessary for more complex live shows. Analog mixers come with fewer FX capabilities and may require you to purchase separate FX processors.


Powered Mixers are analog mixers that have built-in amplification for passive PA speakers. These mixers eliminate the need for carrying around separate amplifiers and generally have 2 amplified channels for 2 PA speakers or a single speaker and a monitor.


Digital Mixers have many more capabilities than analog mixers. It ranges from the ability to save and recall setups, automation, programming, more effects and even integration of DAWs for control or easy recording. More advanced mixers also have the ability to connect a wireless remote control through a smartphone or tablet to walk around a venue whilst mixing.


Do I need a power amp with any mixer?
An external amplifier is required for the purpose of powering passive speakers. Powered mixers come with built-in amplifiers but analog and digital mixers generally require a power amplifier.