JBL was founded as Lansing Manufacturing Company in 1927 in Los Angeles, primarily manufacturing six and eight-inch speaker drivers for radio consoles and radio sets. By the 1960s, Harman Professional acquired JBL, and soon thereafter powered major festivals like Woodstock. Currently, it produces both professional equipment like monitor speakers and amplifiers, while its consumer brand focusses on portable audio equipment and other consumer electronics like headphones and earphones. In their current selection of sound equipment, they have PA Systems, Subwoofers, Studio Monitors, Ceiling Speakers, Portable PA System, and other professional audio. 

Some of the best selling JBL products are the Control 12C/T ceiling speaker, 104 BT Studio Monitor, 305P Mk2 two-way Studio Monitor, and the EON612 Active PA System. Ceiling Speakers are essential workplace requirements now. JBL’s most affordable solution is the Control 12C/T, which has a 130-degree coverage and three-inch wide cone driver. There are multiple models in their ceiling speaker lineup with the 18C/T at the top end of the Control 10 Series Blin-Mount Small Format range. Apart from these, there are LCT Lay-in Ceiling-Tile Speakers, the CSS Comercial series, 8100 series with stylised grille, Control Contractor 20 Series, Control 40 Series, Control 200 Series, and the flagship Control 300 Series large format speakers. 

In the case of studio monitors, JBL has over years of development, refined it to reflect the most user-friendly package in the One Series. There are three versions, the 104, 104BT and 104BTW. Unlike the majority of studio monitors, these have a curved exterior. It also has a surprisingly small footprint without compromising on the loudness or audio quality. And as an added advantage, there are little to no cables thanks to its wireless connectivity, which makes for an uncluttered work environment. Studio Monitors are built to reproduce sound samples at flat, accurate sound signatures. Using a Studio Monitor will help an artist pick up on errors made visible on a louder, accurate-sounding speaker. This set of JBL’s studio monitors do these and more for a very competitive price. 

Lastly, looking at JBL’s signature creation - their PA Speaker Systems - with a notable interest in the JBL Eon One series for its compact package, loud high definition audio, built-in mixer system, and competitive price range. Portable PA Systems (Public Address) are compact and easy to transport systems that are perfect for you to perform anywhere. Most portable PA systems come with built-in speaker(s), mixer, amplifier and wireless connectivity, and sometimes, a microphone. From family barbeques, busking in the streets, or performing your first gig, a portable PA system gives you the power to perform with confidence. The EON One Series has three variants - Eon One Compact, Eon One Pro, and Eon One. The former-most is an all-in-one system with a professional-grade mixer and active PA speaker, while the following two are portable line array systems. The other portable systems of significance in JBL’s lineup are - IRX series, Eon 200 series, Eon 600 series, PRX400 series, PRX800 series, SRX800 series, VRX900 series, and the JRX200 series. Each of these products have the basic functionality of a PA system but furthers it with JBL quality audio drivers and a powerful sound signature. These options vary in terms of functionality like the inclusion of a mixer or on the basis of Active and Passive systems.