Founded by James Bullough Lansing who was a pioneer in American audio engineering and loudspeaker designing, and the man behind the success of the most notable and established audio companies bearing his name the Altec Lansing and JBL form his initials, the JBL company is best known in the market as an American company that manufactures audio equipment, including loudspeakers, headphones, more. JBL was established with two-division independent from each other; JBL Consumer, the one that produces audio equipment for the consumer home market, and JBL Professional, on the other hand, latter produces professional equipment for the studio, installed sound, tour sound, portable sound (production and DJ), and cinema markets. JBL is owned by Harman International Industries, a subsidiary of South Korean company Samsung Electronics. Grab a JBL product at the best prices offered on MuscMajlis. Products offered:

• Full Range Speakers
• Surface Mount Speakers
• Column Speakers
• Pendant Speakers
• Garden Speakers
• Ceiling Speakers
• Outdoor Horn Speakers
• Portable PA Systems
• Subwoofers
• Commercial Amplifiers
• Power Amplifiers
• Wired Microphones
• Paging Microphones
• Analog Mixers
• Accessories

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