Ampeg will never be taken for granted for its contribution to rock music that made it possible for giant rockstars to conquer every rock stadium in the world. It is this manufacturing company that is best known for producing the highest quality and superb performance of bass and guitar amplifiers, multi-effects modeling, pedals, and more. It was originally founded by Everitt Hull and Stanley Michaels as "Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs," in 1946 in Linden, New Jersey and is today a part of Yamaha Guitar Group. Ampeg's widest product range is available on MusicMajlis with the most reliable support and service for every customer.


Ampeg Cover for HSVT-CL, SVT-CL, SVT-VR, or SVT-450H Head

Dhs. 325.50

Ampeg SVT-CL 300-Watt Classic Bass Head All Tube

Dhs. 9,345.00

Ampeg SVT8-PRO 2500-Watt Bass Amp Head

Dhs. 11,560.50

Ampeg SVT-810E 8-10" Speaker Cabinet, 800W RMS, SVT-CL Color Scheme

Dhs. 5,187.00

Ampeg SVT-810AV 8-10" Speaker Cabinet, 800W RMS, SVT-VR Color Scheme

Dhs. 6,499.50

Ampeg SVT-810 Cover Cover for SVT-810AV or SVT-810E Cabinet

Dhs. 525.00

Ampeg SVT-7PRO 1000W, Tube Preamp, D Class Power Amp

Dhs. 4,158.00

Ampeg Cover for SVT-610HLF Cabinet

Dhs. 483.00

Ampeg SVT-610HLF 6-10" Ported, Horn-loaded Speaker Cabinet, 600W RMS, SVT-CL Color Scheme

Dhs. 5,187.00
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