In Ear Monitoring System

Do I need IEMs if I am working with live musicians?
It depends on a variety of factors like what the musicians are comfortable with and the size of the event or venue. A simple wedge/stage monitor is enough for small venues and for singer-songwriter style performances.


Are IEMs better than stage monitors?
In-Ear Monitors have quite a few advantages over stage monitors. When using stage monitors, the only way to hear yourself better is to turn up the volume which can damage hearing and mess with house mix in the venue when performing. However, in-ear monitors can deliver consistent levels no matter what the venue is due to their ability to cancel a lot of outside noise and isolate the artist. They also allow artists to freely move about the stage without the need to be right under their corresponding stage monitor. Another benefit is the elimination of feedback as audio from the stage monitors may get captured by microphones on stage and cause a feedback loop. They are also easier to transport compared to heavy stage monitors. Contact us to understand your options.