From the man who would rather choose to lose money than trust, and to make every member of the company an "associate" and not wage earners, Bosch was founded from where the company's name was derived, Robert Bosch, in 1886. With over a century in the market, Bosch has become unrivaled in establishing leadership in the field of a voice alarm system and public address. Their expertise, being veterans in the production of designs and developing communication products, the company has provided systems and components that includes innovative products and services for industry and trades, individual solutions for the home opping malls around the make life a bit easier every day, and innovative solutions that facilitate new mobility offerings. Get a Bosch product on MusicMajlis and take advantage of the most reliable support and service offered for everyone. Products offered:

  • Ceiling speakers
  • Compact Wall Speakers
  • Column Speakers
  • Pendant Speakers
  • Commercial Amplifiers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • Mp3 Players
  • Conference Systems