Boss, one of the world’s best effect pedal manufacturers, is a division of the Roland Corporation. Currently, it has factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the USA manufacturing Pianos, Organs, Synthesisers, Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Professional Audio gear, Amplifiers and more. For years, Boss has made music equipment related to effects processing for guitars, including compact and twin effects pedals, multi-effect pedals, electronic tuners and pedalboards. However, they eventually expanded their product range by including digital studios, rhythm machines, samplers and other electronic music equipment. They also are now manufacturing solid-state amplifiers and speaker heads such as the Waza and the Katana. Both feature multi-effects units meant to emulate Boss' classic effects pedals. 

The Pocket GT is a portable and compact effects processor for simple everyday playing, while a more advanced unit like the GT100 multi-effect processor is more versatile and with a greater number of options. Boss is famous for their simple, split product sound effects like - distortion/overdrive, delay/reverb, pitch/modulation, dynamics/filter, acoustic, and bass pedals. These pedals each serve a unique purpose for electric guitarists. Within each of these sound effects, Boss has managed to segregate the options even more. For instance, in the distortion range, they have the MT2W for metal, JB2 for an “angry” tone, BD2W for blues, and more. The DS1X is the most liked distortion pedal from Bose, though each choice is unique to the artist. Each of the sounds have further classifications and features like delay with the DD200, DM2W, and more, and Dynamics with the EQ200 (equalizer), CP1X (compressor), PW3 (wah pedal), and more. Bass guitarists can also opt for various effects like the BC1X (bass comp), CEB3 (chorus), GEB7 (equaliser), ODB3 (bass overdrive), and more. 

The Boss Katana amps are some of the best modelling amps on the market. They have a notable multi-FX panel providing a quality experience with its signature sounds. The Katana amps have also got power scaling meaning you can change the headroom response and the wattage when you want to go from home practice to the rehearsal room to the stage. They have options from the Katana Artist MK2 with tone shaping, custom made Waza 12" speakers, parallel/series effect loop, power amp input for modelers, preamps, multi effects, and more. If portability is important, the Boss Katana Mini Compact is the perfect option. It has 3-Channels & Delay, works on battery, Cab Sim Output, among other features. However, lying between these models is the Boss Katana 50 MKII 1X12" Guitar Amp Combo is a bestseller offering a versatile sound experience without breaking the bank. The Boss Katana 50 MkII is a medium-sized combo amp packed full of modern features, and a lightweight and compact enclosure that's easy to transport to venues. It's also fitted with a custom 12" speaker that can push plenty of air in a live scenario or as a fantastic practice amp for the home.