Audio-Technica Corporation is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures professional microphones, headphones, turntables, phonographic magnetic cartridges, and other audio equipment. Established in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita as a phonograph cartridge manufacturer, its first products were the AT-1 and the AT-3 MM stereo phono cartridges. Even today, Audio Technica is known for some of the best microphones, turntables, and headphones.

Audio Technica produces both dynamic and condenser microphones. A Dynamic microphone is generally used on instruments with a lot of low-mid energy and vocals in live situations. They operate on an electromagnetic principle using a diaphragm that is attached to a coil of wire. They are the easiest to use as they are plug and play but are less sensitive when compared to the other types. Condenser microphones are best used on vocals and instruments with more mid-high frequencies. They are the microphones used in studios. Powered by a 48V phantom power, it works by creating an electric charge between the diaphragm and a backplate. Simplistically, Condenser Mics are capable of capturing audio at high accuracy and quality. This is beneficial when recording vocals, instruments, or the ambient sound.

The ATR1100X (series), PRO 41, ATM410 (Series) and a variety of other dynamic mics make the Audio Technica lineup. These are best used for live events and general recording. These are the wired variants of Audio Technica’s dynamic microphone range. In this case, latency will be zero and the quality will be unrivalled. As for condenser microphones, their signature product is the AT2020 (series including the AT2040 and AT2050). At the higher end of this lineup, they have the AT5040 and AT4080, all of which are high-quality condenser microphone worthy of professional vocal recording. Now, they also have the AT2020 USB, which eliminates the need for an audio interface. This product is aimed at podcasters and for beginner recording solutions. Many of Audio Technica’s revolutionary mics are also available as a pack including a flexible mic stand and studio headphones.

If you’ve ever come across a large black disk with minute grooves housed in a funky-looking cover, you’re probably looking at vinyl. These disks, much before the invention of Compact Disks (CDs), were used to record data in the audio format. A turntable is a music playback device invented years ago to read music from vinyl disks. Currently, vinyl records are making a comeback, meaning Audio Technica are investing in turntables. Currently, they have over 15 different options in various price ranges and functionalities. In the most basic format, the fully automatic ATLP3 and the fully manual ATLPW30K take the best spot for novice users. For more advanced users, there are the ATLP7, ATLPW50PB, and the ATLP5X among others. These offer better functionality, tone, and quality audio reproduction. 

Studio Headphones
The ATHM50X is the industry standard in studio headphones. The frequency response and audio quality is at a level where dedicated gamers also opt for this for an elevated listening experience. A studio headphone is purpose-built to provide a flat frequency so all the cracks, pops, and other recording, mixing and mastering errors are evident. They have a variety of options in their studio headphones range, in different price points and comfort options. Some of their current listings are - ATH Pro 7X, ATH M20X, ATH M70X, ATH M30X and more. These are extremely lightweight, which is good for prolonged use, and have Audio Technica’s sound quality built-in. All in all, you cannot go wrong with a pair of headsets from AT.