Laney is a manufacturer of great quality amplifiers. Laney has quite an inspiring story for its foundation in 1967 by Lyndon Laney who built his own amplifier to use while he was playing bass guitar for the Band of Joy, and have no money to buy an amplifier for his own. Since then, from the first Laney amp built from the garage of his father, Laney was able to grow little by little as the ecstasy and tonality of its amplification is spread by word of mouth and eventually put up its own manufacturing industry investing in more advanced research that today, Laney has become a multinational company working globally with renowned musicians and bands. Get a Laney amplifier on MusicMajlis and enjoy the quality performance with your music career. Products offered:

    • Guitar
    • Bass
    • Acoustic
    • Live sounds
    • Keyboards
    • Drums
    • Accessories


    Laney LX15 CAMO Guitar Amplifier

    Dhs. 236.25Dhs. 315.00

    LANEY MINI-STB-IRON Battery Powered Bluetooth Guitar Combo Amp

    Dhs. 235.20Dhs. 336.00

    Laney LX15 Guitar Amplifier

    Dhs. 220.50Dhs. 315.00

    Laney LX10-CAMO 10W Guitar Amplifier

    Dhs. 189.00Dhs. 252.00

    Laney Richter RB1 Bass Amplifier

    Dhs. 437.33

    Laney AH80 Audiohub Amplifier

    Dhs. 892.50

    Laney Audiohub AH115 Powered PA Speaker with Bluetooth

    Dhs. 661.50Dhs. 945.00

    LANEY MINI-STB-SUPERG Battery Powered Bluetooth Guitar Combo Amp

    Dhs. 285.60

    Laney DH80 Portable Drum Monitor

    Dhs. 766.50
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