One of Europe’s biggest music shop founded in 1991, Proel is a company subsidiary of Teknos S.p.A. specializing in the manufacture of professional speakers and audio solutions which included in the in its quality product lines are selections of high-performance commercial audios, stage equipment, loudspeakers, microphones, PA speakers, amplifiers and more that are offered at its best prices in the market. Proel products will always be available on MusicMajlis at the best prices offered.


Proel Keyboard Bag BAG - 910P

Dhs. 181.00

Proel BAG080E Electric Guitar Bag

Dhs. 50.00

Proel BAG140PN Guitar Bag

Dhs. 40.01

Proel DHZEBB Electric Bass Guitar Bag

Dhs. 702.00

Proel DHZCGB Classic Guitar Bag

Dhs. 702.00

Proel DHZAGB Acoustic Guitar Bag

Dhs. 702.00

Proel DHMKEY61 Keyboard Bag

Dhs. 410.00

Proel DHMSS30 Music Stand BK w/ Bag

Dhs. 260.00

Proel CT05BLKMW Keyboard Case

Dhs. 1,610.00
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