Orange Amplification

An English manufacturer of amplifiers, the Orange Music Electronic Company is famous for its bright orange Tolex-like covering on its amplifier heads and speaker cabinets having a quality distinctive sound. Morley products are made available at the best prices offered on MusicMajlis and enjoy the benefits of the most reliable support and service that comes with every purchase.

Orange Amplification

Orange Dual Terror Guitar Amp Head

Dhs. 2,646.00

Orange PPC 112 Guitar Amp Cabinet

Dhs. 1,249.50

Orange Crush 35 RT Guitar Amp Combo

Dhs. 819.00

Orange Crush 20 RT Guitar Amp Combo

Dhs. 567.00

Orange Micro Terror Dark Guitar Amp Head

Dhs. 525.00

Orange Micro Dark Guitar Amp Head

Dhs. 756.00

Orange Two Stroke Boost EQ Pedal

Dhs. 451.50

Orange Rocker 32 Guitar Amp Combo

Dhs. 3,811.50

Orange Rocker 15 Terror Guitar Amplifier Head

Dhs. 2,394.00
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