Alesis MicTube Solo Mono Tube Microphone Preamp

The MicTube raises the level of any mic up to line level, adding as much or as little of the tube's signature sound as you like. Two knobs and four buttons are all you need to optimize the MicTube Solo for virtually any setting. You'll find a -20 dB pad switch for mics with hotter outputs or louder sound sources. A phase reverse switch helps you optimize multi-mic setups, and the MicTube Solo also provides +48 volt phantom power for any condenser microphone, plus an 80Hz high-pass filter.

Tube microphone preamplifier
12AX7 low-noise vacuum tube adds warmth and musicality to digital recordings
+20 dB Pad, phase reverse, an 80Hz high-pass filter
Minimized signal path for clarity
48V Phantom Power for condenser mics
Gain and Drive controls
Vintage-style VU meter
Quarter-inch, high-impedance DI input for instruments