Ahuja CSX6101T Ceiling Speaker

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Ceiling speaker with an elegant, aesthetically pleasing rimless design. Excellent sound quality combined with an ultra-modern low profile appearance makes this ideally suited for high-end offices, restaurants, bars, malls, etc.


  • Full Range Speaker with power taps of 10/5/2.5W.

  • 10 Watts continuous power handling capacity.

  • Easy mounting with spring-loaded wing clamps.

  • 100V operation with easy selection of power taps through a terminal block.

Weight 0.89kg
Dimensions 204 ‚H79 mm
Frequency Response 60-15,000Hz
Impedance 1k/2k/4k
Inputs 10W RMS
Power Taps on 100v 10/5/2.5W
SPL 92dB