Numark is a company that has the widest product range and selections of headphones, turntables, controllers, players, mixers, speakers, and many other accessories that give life in the revolutionary empowerment of DJing seamlessly combining the classic feel of music with a cutting-edge performance capability. Grab a Numark product at the best prices on MusicMajlis.


Numark Mixtrack Platinum 4-channel DJ Controller

Dhs. 1,140.00

Numark M4BLACK 3-Channel Scratch Mixer

Dhs. 588.00

Numark HF125 Professional DJ Headphones

Dhs. 53.55

Numark GrooveTool RS Replacement Stylus for GrooveTool Cartridge

Dhs. 95.55

Numark GT GrooveTool Cartridge Stylus

Dhs. 95.55

Numark NTX1000 Turntable

Dhs. 1,795.00

Numark MIXDECKEXBK Premium DJ Controller w/ CD and USB

Dhs. 2,701.50

Numark NDX500 USB CD Media Player and Software Controller

Dhs. 1,055.25

Numark M6USBBLACK 4-Channel USB DJ Mixer

Dhs. 907.50
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