Behringer Infinium X1 Optical Fader

Upgrade your DDM4000 DJ mixer with the X1 INFINIUM Optical Fader. Its patented and contact-free optical technology means the X1 will see you through countless performances, all while delivering a truly analog feel and touch. The X1 is fully adjustable, allowing you to set the friction to your own personal preference. Complete installation instructions and a dedicated toolkit are provided for your convenience. See your BEHRINGER dealer, or place your order online today and start enjoying the ultimate in high-precision, custom-tailored performance with the fantastic X1 INFINIUM OPTICAL FADER!



Ultra-long life through contact-free optical technology
Ultra-high digital precision (128 positions)
Truly analog "touch and feel"
Fully adjustable friction with contact-free magnet
Weight 31.8 g
Brand Behringer
Color Black, Grey
Dimensions 8 x 1.8 x 3 cm
Manufacturer Part Number : X1
Model no. X1