Tech 21


Tech 21 FR-ACOU Multi-Effect Pedal for Acoustic Guitar

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The Tech 21 Fly Rig Series is known for travel-friendly, grab-and-go pro tones for live and studio dates. The latest addition to the series is the Acoustic Fly Rig. Specifically tailored to complement the particular nuances and traits of acoustic instruments, the Acoustic Fly Rig provides round-the-clock ease and confidence for any gig, anywhere and everywhere you perform.
  • All analogue SansAmp with sweepable Notch and LPF filters
  • Up to 12 dB boost
  • Compressor, chorus/delay, chromatic tuner, headphone capability
  • XLR output, 1/14-inch 4.7 megOhm input
  • Independent Reverb with choice of room size
  • Delay/chorus with Time, Repeats and dedicated tap-tempo switch


The all-analogue SansAmp is, of course, its centre point. Sweepable, semi-parametric, active EQ controls provide professional grade tweakability for any situation. There's a Notch Filter, sweepable from 70Hz to 350Hz, designed to diminish the sensitivity for feedback caused by the resonating, low frequencies of acoustic guitars. A Low Pass Filter, sweepable from 16kHz to 1.5kHz, rolls off undesirable frequencies and artefacts.


Dedicated Reverb function emulates the rich ambience of open spaces, ranging from room to hall.


DLA emulates a warm sounding analogue delay. It features Time and Repeats controls and dedicated Tap Tempo footswitch. CHR is a preset chorus based on pitch-shifting technology for a more natural, 12-string-style sound.

• Phase Flip switch flips the signal 180 degrees in phase to help combat feedback
• 1/4-inch 4.7megOhm input to deliver the full sound of piezo
• XLR output with ground lift
• 1/4-inch low impedance output
• Headphone button switches the 1/4 output into headphone mode
• Rugged, all-metal housing
• Metal footswitches and jacks
• Silent-switching, custom footswitch actuators
• Utilizes included 9V DC power supply, 200mA.