Marantz is founded in New York by Saul Marantz in 1952, but is now based in Japan and is a company well-known for manufacturing a wide selection of affordable and quality audio and video products. It is one of the first, best known and most respected high-end audio and home theater brands that helped in pioneering generations of excellent performance. Marantz is made available at the best prices offered on MusicMajlis in Abu Dhabi, and the UAE.


Marantz MPM1000 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Dhs. 266.70

Marantz Turret Broadcast Video Streaming System

Dhs. 932.72Dhs. 1,332.45

Marantz Soundshield Reflection Filter

Dhs. 446.25

Marantz M4U-USB Computer Microphone

Dhs. 204.50

Marantz RACKMIX12XEU 12-channel mixer

Dhs. 608.58Dhs. 869.40

Marantz PMD326CXEU CD/Media Player

Dhs. 527.73Dhs. 753.90

Marantz Professional Umpire Desktop USB Condenser Microphone

Dhs. 266.70

Marantz TURRETXEU - All-in-one Broadcast Video Streaming System

Dhs. 1,437.45

Marantz PODPACK1 - USB Mic with broadcast stand

Dhs. 266.70
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