The Nord Electro is a series of electronic keyboards, developed in Sweden by Clavia, that digitally emulate electro-mechanical keyboards. Clavia Digital Musical Instruments is a Swedish manufacturer of virtual analog synthesizers, virtual electromechanical pianos and stage pianos, founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983 by Hans Nordelius and Mikael Carlsson. Since 1995, Clavia's keyboards have been branded Nord.


Nord Stage 3 Compact 73-Key Stage Keyboard

Dhs. 13,083.00

Nord Stage 2 EX Compact 73-Key Keyboard

Dhs. 11,938.50

Nord Piano 4 88-Key Stage Piano

Dhs. 11,560.50

Nord Piano 2 HA88 88-Key Digital Piano

Dhs. 11,560.50

Nord C2D Organ

Dhs. 11,361.00

Nord Electro 6 HP 73-Key Hammer Action Keyboard

Dhs. 10,290.00

Nord Electro 5 HP 73 73-Key Stage Piano

Dhs. 9,744.00

Nord Electro 6D 73 73-Key Stage Piano

Dhs. 8,484.00

Nord Electro 5D 73 73-Key Stage Piano

Dhs. 8,116.50
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