Top 5: Electronic Drum Kits for Beginners in 2020

Ever wanted to drum away into the night but worried about noise complaints? Worry no more. After years of development, the musical scientists over at your favourite drum makers’ have found a way to turn your loud passion into an enjoyable, yet flavorful session. Using a mix of mesh, rubber pads, and a dash of electronic magic, we now have affordable electronic drum kits that sound and feel like the real deal.

We've written an in-depth Guide to Drums which is certainly a must-read for beginners and those looking to invest in new drum kits.

Following are the top five kits in varying price ranges:

Most Affordable - Alesis Turbo Mesh Electronic Drum Kit


This is the most affordable, bestselling offering from Alesis. With an 8” mesh snare drum and three 8” mesh toms, three 10” cymbals, custom-designed Alesis hi-hat pedal and kick pedal, and a durable aluminium rack, the Alesis Turbo Mesh kit guarantees all the must-have essentials to get you playing drums right out-of-the-box. The kit can be used with headphones, which is a plus for those in the drummer’s vicinity. It also features 10 new classic and modern-sounding drum kit presets, custom-designed by Alesis. The kit comes with 120 individual drum sounds and utilizes Intelligent Dynamic Articulation technology to provide incredibly realistic sound and playability.

The Value Proposition - Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit


If you want a slightly better kit with the additional functions that a few 100 dirhams can bring with, the Nitro Mesh Kit is your go-to choice. Its a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit centred around next-generation Alesis Mesh head drum technology, which is highly preferred by drummers when they play electronic kits because of their natural feel and ultra-quiet response. This iteration features an 8” dual-zone mesh snare drum and three 8” mesh toms. It includes everything else you need to make a complete drum kit; three 10” cymbals, custom-designed Alesis hi-hat pedal and kick pedal, and a durable 4-post aluminium rack. The Nitro module also offers old-school MIDI In and Out jacks so you can hook up to your favourite MIDI-equipped drum machine, sound module and other audio gear.

Most Portable - Yamaha DTX400K Compact Electronic Drum Set


While these aren’t the most affordable options in the market, the Yamaha DTX400K certainly checks all the boxes for a travelling drummer. Despite its smaller footprint, the kit has a sturdy build and certainly exudes longevity as is expected from Yamaha. Even if you’re not a travelling musician, this is a great set for those in smaller living quarters. With the added benefit of quietness, the DTX400K is the perfect choice for someone who can appreciate Yamaha’s tones and quality, while finding a suitable kit for smaller spaces.

Best Mid-Range - Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh V-Drums Set


In contrast to other mesh drum kits, Roland has opted to use a double mesh to ground their surfaces, reduce noise levels further, and increase playing feel. Moreover, the mid-range set exudes quality and has many acoustic-drums features like cymbal swing and sway, and dual-trigger pads that offer realistic rim and head articulations. This too comes with MIDI output for your music production needs.

No Compromises - Roland TD-17KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set


If you want to spare no expense in acquiring a beginner electronic drum kit that will well run for years into your intermediate stages of being a drummer, this is right up there with the professional options. At the heart of this kit is the TD-17 module, with 50 preset drum kits built around Roland’s’s flagship TD-50. It’s even got Bluetooth support for music and MIDI, streamlining practise, jamming, and song building. New to the TD-17KV is Roland’s’s 12” dual-trigger PDX-12 snare pad with a two-ply tunable mesh head and the dynamic KD-10 kick tower. Adding to that is a trio of mesh-headed 8” toms, two 12” cymbals, and a 10” hi-hat with foot controllers to complete the package.


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