Top 5: Audio Interfaces for Solo Artists in 2024

While the process of selecting the right interface may be daunting for some, we’ve attempted to simplify the process with and our top 5 picks of 2020’s best interfaces to consider. From Universal Audio and Presonus to Behringer and Focusrite, we have carefully curated this list to simplify your purchase decision.

Once you take the decision to put out content on YouTube and other video-sharing apps, you’ll quickly come to realize that you would need a device to connect your laptop with your instrument and your new professional microphone. While the process of selecting the right interface may be daunting for some, we’ve simplified the process for you with and our top five picks of 2024’s best interfaces to consider.

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Most Liked - Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen

Focusrite is the go-to name for beginners when it comes to audio interfaces, and for good reason. If you’re just starting out in the professional recording space, the Focusrite is a great place to start. While it may be slightly more expensive than other, lesser-known brands, you can be certain about the recording quality and low latency in their products. The new iteration, 3rd gen, has upgraded internals and slightly better response to instruments; the device is primarily geared to support vocals, MIDI devices, and instruments. The tiny package also comes bundled with an Ableton Live Lite music making software which can be useful for a beginner production or live recording artist. If you require more than one I/O for your partner or a secondary instrument, check out Focusrite’s 2i2 option.

Most Underrated - Behringer UMC22

If you’re looking for a budget interface with no compromises on audio quality, thanks to its flagship MIDAS pre-amps, look no further than the UMC22. Despite its lower price point, don’t let the Behringer trick you into thinking that it’s a lower quality product; its output audio quality is comparable to the Focusrite Solo. There are two inputs, one for vocals and the other for an instrument, with support for a headphone out. The device still does not have USB Type-C support, but otherwise has no prominent drawbacks.

A Class Apart - Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB Audio Interface (Win/Mac)

If you simply need the best of the best, most intuitive interface used by the biggest international artists, Universal Audio is the way to go. Provided that you are willing to invest in your passion with the big bucks required to purchase a UA product, the Solo is the recommended choice of interface. The premium device comes with Unison technology which gives the tone, touch and feel of one of the world's most sought-after tube and transformer-based mic preamps and guitar amps. Moreover, the interface has a robust metal exterior and doubles as an upscale headphone amp to fuel your inner audiophile. There are thunderbolt 3 and USB C-type variants.

Most Portable - Helicon Go Vocals/Guitar

This interface is unique in terms of application and portability. For a mobile user who is keen on recording vocals on the go, the Helicon Go range is undeniably something of a marvel product to consider. The small package boasts a headphone out to hear yourself as you record, and comes with an XLR input that can support both condenser and dynamic microphones. The device is powered by a 9V battery and works on both iOS and Android operating systems. Be WARNED: When we tried to record with the Helicon Go Vocals on a mac, the device was not supported, despite compatibility claims from Helicon.

Best Value Proposition - PreSonus Studio 24C Audio Interface

Presonus is synonymous with the studio professionals who use rack-long stacks of interfaces to power their commercial equipment. For a novice, the miniaturized 24C version has high-quality converters capable of capturing complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally with no audible distortion. The device also comes bundled with a built-in FX software that also includes virtual instruments. The two independent inputs support XLR, and has a dedicated headphone out.


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