Everything You Need To Know About Rode Mics For Recording And Vlogs

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Everything You Need To Know About Rode Mics For Recording And Vlogs

Audio-visual means of entertainment started gaining ground decades ago, but with the evolution of the internet and the different forms of content creation, the term audio-visual has taken a whole new dimension. Plus, given the shifting trends in the digital content domain, whether it's a podcast, a random Instagram reel, or a well-strategized vlog, quality has evidently taken a front seat. 

So, even though you can create content with some basic equipment, improving its quality can be a big gamechanger. As we know, for vlogging, audio is as important as the video itself. Focusing on it is integral to getting a satisfactory result. It is where the best Rode microphones come into play. We have prepared this guide to upgrade your recording and vlogging game and help you choose the right one for you when you buy a Rode microphone next time. 

High-Quality Does Not Always Imply Expensive 

Don't worry! A quality mic that gives exceptional audio doesn't have to be expensive. Rode microphone prices range from low to premium depending on the purpose and locations they will be used for. 

Best Rode Microphones For Your Upcoming Digital Content 

So you have a wide range of options to choose from. Let's start with our first category.

  • Riding Shotgun

  • Content creators consider this one of the best rode microphones. They remain hidden from the camera lens and are excellent at picking sounds with clarity and a decent audio level. Their ability to catch some ambient sounds gives a realistic touch to the video.

  • Lavalier Cheers

  • Buy this rode microphone if you don't like holding mics but still want quality, consistent sound. You can clip it to your shirt and move around freely while the mic will do its work of capturing the required sounds.

  • Wireless Microphones

  • If you feel tempted by the idea of free movement, you can also try the new wireless category. It lets you enjoy the freedom of cable-free recording without compromising audio quality because of its power transmission and clear audio capturing abilities. 

  • USB Microphones

  • If you want to easily capture professional audio directly to your computer, the best rode microphone for you would be these on-camera microphones. Since there is a huge demand for these among budding creators, we have listed the different products under this category according to each rode microphone's price ranging from high to low. 

  • Podcaster

  • Best rode microphone for voice applications such as podcasting, voice-over recording, gaming, and live streaming, these microphones provide excellent noise rejection. It also delivers the audio exactly as it is recorded without delay or echo. 

  • NT- USB

  • It doesn't matter if you are a musician, gamer, live-streamer, or podcaster. NT-USB can satisfy all with its exceptional performance and zero-latency features. Its easy-to-use factor makes it even more desirable. 

  • NT-USB mini

  • A compact version of NT-USB, this is the best rode microphone for all emerging streamers, podcasters, gamers, content creators, etc. You can turn your audio into a clear, professional piece using some easy steps with this microphone.

  • Studio Condenser

  • This is that studio-quality microphone condenser we all dreamt of using at least once. Its excellent audio and premium features with attention to minute details can make your audio sound professional. It is undoubtedly the best rode microphone for all recording applications. 

  • Ribbon Microphones

  • Currently, rode offers only one microphone under this category, but one is more than enough. Ribbons already have the reputation of having the closest hearing to our ears, but Rode has taken a step further by adding some additional features like a highly sensitive ribbon element, internal shock mounting system, bi-polar directional pattern, etc. 

    Here's A Pro Tip. 

    Among all the products available, shotguns are considered the best rode microphone when it comes to on-camera audio capture at a lower range. Their directional property allows them to eliminate all sounds from the rear and sides and focus only on the sounds directly in front of them. 

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