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Top 5: MIDI/USB Keyboard Controllers for Beginners in 2024 (25-key)

Portable midi controllers that have the functionality of a keyboard and the capability of being a one-person-band is all the hype now – and for good reason. The job of a MIDI controller is to help you store and loop audio samples that can assist you in creating music all by yourself. Various MIDI keyboard options have a variety of options tailored to individual artist needs – some with knobs and faders, while others have 8 pads and pitch control. 

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Value for Money- Alesis V25 MKII

If you’re looking for something simple, intuitive and affordable then look no further than the V25 MKII. This MIDI controller has full size velocity sensitive synth action keys. The body is lightweight with a really sturdy chasis. It is a great tool for budding music producers looking to travel and record their core ideas and get their creative workflow in place. The pitch bend and modulation wheels are great for expression with the octave buttons giving you instant access to the whole piano range.The 8 velocity sensitive pads are exactly what you need to get your beat patterns humanized. The Tap Tempo feature is also handy to keep your songwriting flowing naturally. The Arpegiator and Note Repeat function are among other great tools that help trigger your ideas on the go. The encoder knobs give you remote access to control device parameters that are running in your DAW.


Most Compatible - Nektar Impact LX Mini

Are you a producer that uses multiple DAW’s? The Impact LX Mini is the perfect MIDI controller that supports MIDI mapping across multiple DAW’s. The DAW integration from this MIDI controller supports Cubase, Cakewalk, Digital Performer, FL Studio, Garageband, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason and Studio One. The buttons are pre-assigned to the DAW of your choice making your music making experience a breeze! The Transport & Navigation buttons are really helpful to ensure that you do not have to keep reaching out to your Mac/PC, just simply use the controller to do so. The 8 x Velocity sensitive pads are a great tool for tracking your Drum patterns. You also have 8 x encoder knobs that are super intuitive and respond to your DAW’s devices and instruments just the way you would expect it to. The 4 way joystick is an insane expression tool for controlling Modulation and Pitch bends to make your workflow a whole lot quicker.

Most Portable - Arturia Microlab

Just the kind of MIDI Controller that gets the job done! Put it in your backpack and you’re ready to go! The Mircrolab has a USB cable that is attached to the instrument so that you don’t have to worry about misplaced cables anymore. This is the most compact MIDI controller out there with a 25 key velocity sensitive slim keyboard. The pitch bend and modulation touch sensors are well designed and respond to your touch with precision. The Octave buttons give you access to the entire Piano roll. The clever design with colour options coupled with premium Free Software make this MIDI controller an extremely good consideration for the producers looking for a compact travel friendly device.


Best for Ableton Live - Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3

If Ableton Live is your choice of DAW, look no further than Novation for your MIDI controller needs. The Launchkey Mini MK3 is a beast with a 25-key controller with 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, Pitchbend Touch Strip, Modulation Touch Strip, and eight Rotary Knobs to get control of your Abelton devices. It’s compact enough for a small workspace and to tug around in a small backpack. The transport functions make it very intuitive to record song ideas on the go. The Octave and Transpose are handy tools. The 16 RGB pads are perfect to Navigate scenes in Abelton and this make the integration really ideal for Abelton users. The SmartChord function is a really interesting way of expression your creative ideas on the fly.

Most Functional - Akai Professional MPK Mini MKIII

The MPK Mini MKIII is a great device for those of you that are looking for multi-functionality from a compact device. With 25 mini keys and 8 velocity sensitive pads this device is designed purely for performance. The endless encoder knobs not only work as adjustment for your DAW’s devices but also serve to tweak other parameters such as Division, Swing, Mode, Octave, Latch, Sync etc. The unique 4-way joystick is great form of expression for Modulation effects and Pitch bends. The OLED display is a very helpful visual feed to have during performances. If your looking for functionality then this is going to be the best 25 key MIDI Controller that you can get your hands on!

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