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Top 7 Affordable Guitar Bundles of 2024 - Biggest Savings for Beginners

Guitars are believed to have been around since the 15th century, giving the instrument and accessory-makers sufficient time to develop and diversify. Having variety is fantastic, but having too many options can be confusing for a beginner. To simplify the process, we've selected the top 7 bundles to consider in 2020.

Guitars are believed to have been around since the 15th century, giving the instrument and accessory-makers sufficient time to develop and diversify. Having variety is fantastic, but having too many options can be confusing for a beginner, especially when looking for a full-set guitar pack. In order to simplify the process, guitar manufacturers from around the world opted to bundle guitars and the relevant accessories - making it easy to accessorize, and acting as a more affordable alternative to buying quality add-ons separately. 

To take it one step further, we at MusicMajlis have compiled a list of the seven best guitar bundles to consider in 2024. 

Our Choice - Yamaha F310P Acoustic Guitar Package (Tobacco Brown Sunburst)

We cannot suggest the F310 enough when beginners ask us for acoustic guitar recommendations. Even better, when you’re looking for the best beginner guitar along with the must-have accessories, you cannot go wrong with the F310P. The dreadnought sized guitar is a well-built, Japanese-origin guitar that exudes value for money. The tone is slightly leaning to the brighter ends, but the large body helps accentuate the bass notes well while also being loud enough for a medium-sized room without amplification. The pack includes a strap, picks, a capo, an Allen key, a pitch pipe, and a soft guitar bag. Our only minor gripe with the instrument is the choice of colour – only available in Tobacco Brown Sunburst. All in all, the F310P is a great choice for beginners that will last long into your intermediate stages of playing.


Most Liked Electric - Fender Squier Affinity Strat Electric Guitar Bundle

Fender is sort of the go-to name in the electric guitar market. Consequently, they are also expensive – worth it – but expensive. Their answer to this financial restriction was the launch of the Squier brand that used mostly Fender components to replicate the tone and play feel of a proper Fender, but at a significantly lower price point. The pack comes bundled with a great guitar amp that can be used for years to come (mainly as a practice amp), a cable, strap, and picks – all the essentials short of a guitar stand. The pickup combination of a humbucker and two single-coils (HSS) is a popular one thanks to its versatility. The single-coil pickups in the neck and middle position provide thinner, yet smooth sounds - great for jazzy and blues-y playing but has also been well-used in the rock world. The humbucker in the bridge position is where you can get your big, powerful rock tones. Having a humbucker near the bridge result in a biting, crunch-y tone that perfect for rocking out. This guitar also features a floating tremolo bridge so you can whammy away like Jimi Hendrix on his famous Strat.


Most Affordable - Tansen TMG938CP Acoustic Guitar Bundle

If you need an extremely affordable option for a young, aspiring artist, or if you immediately need a guitar on a very tight budget, the Tansen is a viable acoustic alternative. We seldom recommend the Tansen owing to its sub-par build quality and tone. However, when financial restrictions are in place, and a guitar is of absolute necessity, the Tansen is one path to take. Fortunately, the guitar comes bundled with a soft case, strap, and picks, so your temporary thirst for a guitar will be subdued with this affordable bundle.


Best Value Proposition - Washburn AD5PACK Acoustic Guitar

Tailored for a beginner looking for a well-built acoustic guitar, the AD5Pack redefines value for money. For under AED500, the guitar comes bundled with a soft case, a strap, and picks. And unlike the Yamaha F310, the AD5 comes stock with D’Addario gauge 10 strings, so the tone sounds warmer. But like the F310, the sound is exaggerated and play feel is rather premium. In addition to the sound, the build is mostly Mahagony and Rosewood, so durability, looks, and feel is more accented in the AD5. Since the product is extremely well built, it can also be converted to a semi-acoustic guitar when the need arises.


No-Nonsense Electric – Jay Turser JT300 Electric Guitar Starter Pack

If you’re looking for a quick-fix electric as a backup guitar or a temporary practice pack, the JT300 will be just perfect for you. Many would also agree that the JT300 has an uncanny similarity to the Fender Stratocaster, which is a plus our books. The guitar features a Basswood / Alder Body and has a Bolt-On Maple Neck. The fingerboard is made of Rosewood, and the body features three Single-coil pickups, wired similar to the Fender Strat. The pack features a LANEY LX10 10W 5" Speaker Guitar Combo Amp, D'Addario PWG10 10M 1/4" Instrument Guitar Cable, Tovaste NB665 Guitar Floor Stand, and a guitar strap with picks. Moreover, the pack offers six colour options, more than most electric guitars in the market.


Most Portable - Washburn RO10SBK Rover Acoustic Guitar

Designed especially for travel, the Washburn is a petit acoustic guitar that can go anywhere. For less than AED700, the mini-acoustic comes with its very own soft case, capo, tuner, spare strings, a strap, and picks – talk about a value deal! Made with Mahogany and solid spruce, the 6-strign guitar has EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar (Light, 12-53) and a surprisingly good play feel. We’re not the biggest fans of the output volume, but we can’t fault Washburn for opting to reduce the output sound to increase portability. Moreover, the guitar is only slightly larger than a ukulele, but also features a full-length scale. Impressive no?


Best for Aspiring Performer - Yamaha EG112 GPIIBLK Gigmaker Guitar Bundle

Bundled with a Yamaha Guitar Amplifier (GA15), Guitar/Bass Auto Tuner (YT100), a gig bag, spare string set, strap, strings winder, picks, cable, strap, and a string winder, the decked out Yamaha is ready for the stage right out the box – aptly named the ‘Gigmaker’. While it is aimed at beginners and aspiring performers, the guitar can well cope with a seasoned player. And since it is a product of Yamaha, by default, it has a recognisable build quality and Yamaha’s signature play feel. The whole set is quite heavier than its alternatives in the market, but that is simply a side effect of good build quality. Our only minor gripe with the instrument is its age. We can argue that it has aged well, but the minimal design style speaks a different language. Nevertheless, you can never go wrong purchasing a Yamaha guitar, and this one is no different.


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