Yamaha MMP1 Studio Monitor Management System

Looking for all-inclusive monitor control? The Yamaha MMP1 delivers the goods. It supplies you with up to 32 channels of monitor processing, covering everything from stereo to immersive audio. Tailor your low end to any environment with comprehensive bass management. Benefit from powerful speaker calibration on every channel, including time-alignment delay, EQ, and other final-stage audio adjustment tools. Enjoy extensive processing capabilities via eight feature-packed channel strips with EQ, VCM vintage compressors, and more. Voice-over artists will appreciate the MMP1’s extended post-production support. Beyond that, you get talkback, cue, and GPI functions. Complete with intuitive software control, the MMP1 exhibits the top-shelf sound and performance audio professionals demand.


-40 x 36 channel monitor matrix (32 inputs + 8 DSP channel inputs x 32 outputs + stereo downmix outputs + stereo headphone outputs) at 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, and 96kHz; 20 x 20 channels at 176.4kHz and 192kHz
-8 analog input and output terminals, 16 channels of AES I/O, and built-in Dante networking
-2 separate talkback systems that function with all 8 outputs
-32 channels of monitor processing cover everything from stereo to immersive audio
-Comprehensive bass management for tailoring your low end
-Powerful speaker calibration on every channel, including time-alignment delays, 6-band room EQs, and gain trims
-8 channel strips with gain trim, delay, polarity reverse, filter, insert facilities, 4 selectable EQ algorithms, and Yamaha’s acclaimed Comp260 compressor
-Extended post-production support including a commentary function, cough mute control, and more
-Intuitive software control via Mac, PC, and iPad

Tech Specs

Input Channels: 32
Output Channels: 32
Analog Inputs: 1 x DB-25 (1-8 ch)
Analog Outputs: 1 x DB-25 (1-8 ch)
Digital Inputs: 2 x DB-25 (AES/EBU), 2 x EtherCon (Dante Primary/Secondary)
Digital Outputs: 2 x DB-25 (AES/EBU), 2 x EtherCon (Dante Primary/Secondary)
Other I/O: 2 x DB-25 (GPI control)
Word Clock: In/Out
Talkback: Yes
A/D Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz
Software: MMP1 Controller App (Apple store download), MMP1 Editor (Dante)
Form Factor: Rackmount
Power Supply: Standard IEC AC cable
Height: 3.46"
Width: 19"
Depth: 14.5"
Weight: 15.4 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number: MMP1

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