Yamaha JU109S Upright Piano Silent with Piano Bench - Polished Ebony

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A fine example of natural beauty, the JU109 features an exquisite combination of Yamaha craftsmanship and technology that make it delightfully affordable and a joy to play.


-Cut thread tuning pins, made in-house at Yamaha
-Pinblock made in-house at Yamaha
-Solid copper wound bass strings
-Hard maple bridges
-Aluminium alloy action rails
-Spruce keys with hardwood buttons
-Mute pedal
-Yamaha designed hammers with underfelt
-Polyester finish
-Vacuum Shield Mould Process (V-Pro) plate
-Single caster
-Seasoned for destination

Tech Specs
Width 152cm
Height 121cm
Depth 61cm
Weight 235kg